• Winifred Grace

    from Chicago, IL

Winifred Grace

About Winifred Grace

We knew we loved Winifred Grace designer Winifred Gundeck’s metal and leather jewelry the minute we saw it. But what really confirmed our crush was her answer when we asked her how she wanted her customers to feel when they wore one of her pieces: “Like an uninhibited version of themselves.”

That’s the kind of moxie we want from our accessories! But when Gundeck says “uninhibited,” she doesn’t mean in a let-it-all-hang-out way. Instead, her rugged but feminine handmade bracelets and cuffs are more subtly, intelligently sexy. For her spring collection, she says, “I was inspired by a Calamity Jane type of character who is fiercely strong and independent with her own ideas about the world.”

We’re offering two of her brown leather wrap bracelets, one is a double wrap style with an oxidized silver chain detail and the other is decorated with brass rods. Both are stitched with navy blue waxed linen thread. 

We also have two brown leather and brass cuffs; the narrower one features orange linen stitching while the wider one features tone-on-tone brown stitching.

Like all Gundeck’s pieces, these are made from all natural materials. This, she says, “allows a soft femininity to peak through in the design making the collection modern, yet very accessible.” We couldn’t agree more.

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