• Wakaya Perfection

    from Wakaya, Fiji Islands

    All-natural organic healers, hand-cultivated in the virgin volcanic soil of Wakaya Island in Fiji.

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About Wakaya Perfection

Wakaya Perfection is a collection of pure, all-natural, 100% organic wellness products, created by the Founder of FIJI Water, David H. Gilmour, and hand-cultivated in the virgin volcanic soil of the private island of Wakaya in Fiji. Wakaya Perfection's naturally harvested botanicals, indigenous to the island of Wakaya, are selected solely for their purity and multi-faceted rejuvenating properties that enhance the quality of our lives. With wellness in mind, Wakaya Perfection products are life-enhancers that play an integral part in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and possess effective and necessary wellness benefits.    

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Why Volcanic Ash is the Key to Perfect Health


In search of glowing good health? Look no further than the wellness-enhancing roots and spices grown by Wakaya Perfection founder David H. Gilmour. Cultivated in millennia-old virgin volcanic soil, they're beyond pure, beyond organic...just beyond.






Wakaya Perfection is a collection of pure, all-natural, 100 percent organic wellness products hand-cultivated in the virgin volcanic soil of the private island of Wakaya in Fiji.




The Whole Story


Five years ago, Wakaya founder David H. Gilmour (he's the genius behind Fiji Water, FYI) was asked to participate in a panel on luxury. His fellow speakers all agreed that the greatest luxury of all was time. But when it was Gilmour's turn to speak, he had a sudden epiphany: What good is time, he asked, if you felt wretched? Health trumps every other blessing imaginable. And, before you could say, "But how can this luxury be mine? Tell me!" the idea of growing organic, health-giving roots like ginger, kava and turmeric in the rich, seven million-year-old volcanic soil of his private island of Wakaya, Fiji, was born.




The Products


There's a reason Wakaya Perfection is called what it is. Gilmour and his dedicated team spent five years developing their proprietary seeds, which are lovingly tended in the ancient, mineral-dense virgin volcanic soil of Gilmour's own private island, the breathtakingly pristine Wakaya. This pure environment preserves all their health-giving properties and ensures that they are completely unique (or, as the Wakaya people like to say, "they're imported from where you'd like to be"). And then they go an extra step further and package them in display-worthy glass bottles. Because why would you want to keep something so life-affirmingly amazing in the dark?




Five Minutes With Wakaya Perfection Founder David H. Gilmour


Q: What is the smartest thing you have ever done in your career?

A: I was offered the opportunity to travel the world for several years as a young adult by my father. His only caveat was that I travel entirely alone. Little did I know what an incredible gift this was at the time. As I traveled the world alone for several years, I developed the ability to keenly observe, to exercise great patience, to listen intently, and to efficiently adapt to people and situations. It was this incredible experience and the skill-sets that naturally developed from it that led me to start twelve successful start-ups.


Q: What is a time you've stepped out of your comfort zone with your brand?

A: I've taken many risks throughout my career as I believe it is the only way to reap the reward. If you risk and fail, the reward is the lesson you have learned as a result and the confidence to dare to risk again. Some of the risks I took that did not initially work out paved the way to reap significant future rewards on many levels.


Q: Is there something you have to do everyday without fail?

A: Aside from taking care of my health on a daily basis I repeat this poem in my head every day: "If I were a bird and lived on high/I'd lean on the wind when the wind came by/And I'd say to the wind when it took me away/That's where I want to go today."


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