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    from Beverly Hills, CA

    Natural beauty products and supplements inspired by Japanese remedies.

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About Valia Skincare

Valia Skincare celebrates individual beauty and is focused on creating products that follow the principles of the Japanese holistic and ritualistic lifestyle. Valia believes every person has the potential for beautiful and luminous skin at any age. Each product is carefully crafted with the wisdom of traditional Japanese remedies combined with the finest, natural ingredients and backed by scientifically studied remedies. Valia cleanses hydrates, nurtures and infuses from the inside out, unveiling skin that is more radiant and youthful. Kanso—meaning simple—is a Zen concept and is one of the most important elements in traditional Japanese design.

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Why Japanese Women Have Gorgeous Skin


Valia believes that everyone has the potential for gorgeous skin - and they back that up with centuries of Japanese beauty secrets bolstered by scientific data.




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Valia founders Takako Niwa and Mario Kimball believe that beauty is a result of wellness and wellness begins from the inside out. Their natural, organic products nurture through the Japanese concept of Wabisabi—harmony, naturalness and simplicity.



The Whole Story


“Beauty is found in the simple things in life,” says Valia co-founder and CEO Takako Niwa (she started the company with her husband, Mario Kimball). This philosophy is at the heart of Valia, a beauty company that focuses on products that follow the principles of traditional holistic Japanese remedies and treatments. Rather than using aggressive ingredients or invasive procedures Niwa and Kimball counsel gentle attentiveness and mindful living, which they facilitate with their natural and organic skincare and beauty ingestibles.




The Products


Inspired by co-founder/CEO Takako Niwa’s heritage, Valia embodies the Japanese concept of wabisabi, which stresses naturalness and simplicity in harmony with nature. Their skincare products use traditional Japanese ingredients such as yuzu, rice bran oil and hato mugi in tandem with current research into cellular turnover, while Valia ingestibles encourage beauty from the inside out with products such as Forskolin, a supplement that assists the body to break down stored fat cells and Anti-Aging, a Phytocermides complex that keeps the skin hydrated and plump.



Five Minutes With Valia Co-Founder Takako Niwa


Takako Niwa


Q: What have you learned in the process of launching your brand?

Takako Niwa: To be patient and appreciate everyone involved in the process.


Q: What quality about your brand are you the most proud of?

TN: We are most proud of our design concept and product manufacture. Our designer fully understands our goals for the look and feel we like, making intelligent design simple. Our manufacturer has a customer-first policies and is GMP-certified, which makes us very comfortable working with him.


Q: What makes you happy?

TN: Going on hikes; walking our dogs, Boots and Creol, on the weekend with Mario. Also hearing great compliments from customers and anyone who likes our products.


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