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About Truth Art Beauty

When it comes to keeping skin soft and supple—always a challenge—we’re big fans of oil, especially the organic, cold-pressed, nutrient- and anti-oxidant-packed variety found in this scrub and body salve by Truth Art Beauty, which were developed exclusively for AHAlife.

The brand was founded by Caron Proschan and Emily Graham, two friends who met in business school, bonded over their skincare obsession, and subsequently had a joint epiphany while strolling through New York’s Union Square Farmers' Market one morning. Why, they asked themselves, shouldn’t the products we put on our skin be as fresh and organic as the food we put in our bodies?

Instead of filling their products with potentially harmful preservatives, the Truth Art Beauty girls concentrate on keeping things pure. “Using oil is a way of delivering concentrated amounts of active ingredient without any chemical additives or inert fillers,” they explain. “Our products are totally pure, containing only active botanicals that work to revitalize and hydrate your skin.”

The two products we’re offering make up a double-pronged solution to combatting dry skin. The Coconut Calendula Body Buff has a delicious coconut smell and is both deeply moisturizing and, thanks to the calendula, extra soothing. It’s packed with Dead Sea salts, which draw out impurities and replenishes your skin with minerals.

After massaging the Body Buff into your skin in the shower, rinse off, and then massage in some Apricot Jojoba Body Salve—in fact, don’t even get out of the tub, just smooth it right into damp skin for an intensely moisturizing effect. Made up of nourishing apricot oil and balancing jojoba oil, the salve is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. Ylang ylang and lavender essential oils give it a light floral scent and mandarin essential oil provides a hint of citrus.

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