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7 Blends to Turn Anyone into a Tea Lover

by Dani Howell June 13, 2019
Read7 Blends to Turn Anyone into a Tea Lover Image courtesy of TEALEAVES

As I’ve been trying to cut back a little on coffee—especially in the afternoon and evening—I’ve been drinking a lot more tea. At first, I was a little overwhelmed by the many possibilities and types, but I quickly realized this meant it’d be easy to find a tea to fit both the time of day and my needs. There are refreshing options, pick-me-ups, calming blends—really, any type of tea you can imagine.


If you’re looking to find a new favorite tea, here are some of our go-to blends to get you started!




TEALEAVES’ Traditional English Breakfast Tea


If you’re wanting a great tea to kick-start your morning, this is it. This TEALEAVES option is high in caffeine while still providing a smooth, refined taste. It blends black teas from China, India and Sri Lanka for a complex, full-bodied flavor.








Kusmi Tea’s Matcha Gift Set


For those who enjoy the peaceful process of brewing tea, a matcha kit is just what you need. With this gift set, you can take time to prepare your drink. It comes with everything you need to make matcha, including a traditional bowl, a bamboo whisk, a bamboo spatula, and, most importantly, matcha.






Flower Pot Tea’s Enlightening Lotus Tea Set


With this set from Flower Pot Tea, you can watch as the dried lotus flower unfolds and infuses your hot water, giving the drink a light vegetal flavor and a slight aroma of honey. Not only does this tea taste delicious, but it also looks beautiful as you brew it.







TEALEAVES’ Jetlag Therapy Mini Tea Gift Set


Have an upcoming trip? This Jetlag Therapy tea set is a must-have. It comes with an AM energy tea and a relaxing PM tea. The former gives you a sustained boost to get you through the day, and the latter provides a caffeine-free blend to ease any tension you may have from your adventure.







Teami Blends’ Energy Boosting Tea Blend


Teami Blends designed this blend of oolong, yerba mate, ginseng, lemongrass, peppermint leaf, goji berry, and rhodiola rosea to give you an all-natural energy boost. It’s rich in antioxidants, potassium, and magnesium, allowing this tea to help your immune system, digestion, and concentration.







Kusmi Tea’s Iced Teas


A nice, cold iced tea can be one of the most refreshing treats on a hot summer day—that’s where Kusmi Tea’s Iced Teas come in. The company has made iced versions of their fan-favorite recipes. They’re easy to make and just as tasty as the classics.







Sahara Tea’s Wellness Tea Calming Starter Kit


This tea starter kit comes with everything you need to begin brewing a healthy, relaxing drink. The blend is made with lemongrass, green rooibos, vervain, and vanilla to provide anti-inflammatory and calming benefits. Plus, the ingredients are vegan and all-natural!




On the search for a new favorite tea? Check out the variety of options we have in our shop!

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