6 Men’s Hair Products You Need to Try

by The Good Guide May 30, 2019
Read6 Men’s Hair Products You Need to Try Image courtesy of Patricks

Navigating the world of men’s hair care products can feel a little overwhelming whether you’re shopping for a guy in your life or for yourself. Do you want high-hold or light-hold pomade? What about the shine level? Not to mention choosing from shampoos, conditioners, and even potentially beard oils. We’re here to help make those decisions easier with a roundup of all our favorite men’s hair care options!



Beau Brummell’s Cedarwood Beard Conditioning Oil


Beau Brummell’s beard conditioning oil uses organic ingredients, including argan and jojoba oils, to soften both skin and hair, making it the ultimate choice for any guy who wants to take care of his beard. Since it absorbs quickly, this oil doesn’t even leave behind an unwanted shine. And, it comes with a convenient dropper so it’s easy to use, too!






Patricks’ Men’s Deep Clean Shampoo & Conditioner Set


Need to remove the buildup that accumulates from styling products? This deep clean set is the answer. The pair is designed to get rid of that product buildup—along with excess oil and toxins, too. Not only does the set clean, but it also protects. Patricks uses an antioxidant-rich formula that provides UV protection and other nourishing benefits.






Razor MD®’s High Hold & Low Shine Fiber


It only takes a small amount to see big results. Razor MD® designed this fiber to increase hair fullness and texture, and that is clear from your first use. While it provides a strong hold—giving you the style you want—it still washes out easily, managing a perfect balance.








Patricks’ M1 Matte Finish Light Hold Pomade


Looking for a lighter hold pomade? Patricks has created a high-performance product with a light hold and a matte finish. This means you get a natural look, so you get the benefits of product without anyone being able to tell that you used it. Its sleek, slim packaging makes it great for travel, too.







John Allan’s Ocean Shampoo, Mint Conditioner, & Pomade Matte Set


Everything you need for your hair—all in one. This shampoo, conditioner, and pomade set keeps hair looking and feeling good. Cleaning? Nourishing? Styling? Check, check, and check. The pomade is matte, but don’t worry, it’s lightweight and doesn’t leave hair looking dull.








Koh-I-Noor’s Jaspé Boar Bristle Brush


The products you use on your hair are important—and so is the brush. One of the best parts of the Jaspé Boar Bristle Brush is that it both naturally conditions hair and adds volume to it. Better still, thanks to its boar bristles, this brush has even more benefits, like stimulating your scalp and reducing potential frizz.



Discover all the men’s grooming products you need right in our shop!

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