6 Bohemian Rings for the Hippie Soul

by Rebecca McCusker May 27, 2019
Read6 Bohemian Rings for the Hippie Soul Image courtesy of Stefanie Sheehan Jewelry

I wasn’t even out of middle school yet when I was first called “bohemian.” Wearing bulky rings and flowy floral skirts that brushed my ankles and carrying around a poetry notebook and a violin, I was seen as a real renaissance girl.


As I grew, I came to appreciate the bohemian style even deeper. According to the dictionary, the term “bohemian” refers to a “socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts.” These bohemians dance to the beat of their own drum, follow their dreams, spend their time how they want, and, yes, wear what they want.


Being bohemian is about feeling in harmony with yourself and nature and being able to express that through your dress and lifestyle.


Looking to add some bohemian pieces to your wardrobe? These rings are for the dreamers, the peacemakers, the artists, the writers, and the musicians.



Hot Rocks Jewels’ Neo Taz Lava Rock Ring


With its absolutely stunning intricate detail on the metal band, this ring captures the mysticism and love of nature that the bohemian lifestyle espouses. Choose from your choice of four gemstones: moss agate, clear quartz, red aura quartz, or lapis.


This ring sits nice and big on your finger and is definitely going to snag you lots of compliments.






Girls Crew’s Rose Gold Orbit Adjustable Ring


A pleasant departure from the bulky style of most bohemian rings, this Rose Gold Orbit Adjustable Ring from Girls Crew is bright and dainty on your finger. Consider it a more delicate way to wear your boho soul. Featuring a crescent moon and three stars made from glittering zirconia stones, this ring will constantly remind you of the wonder of the cosmos. This ring is 18k rose gold plated, giving it a feminine glow.





S/H KOH’s Geo Square Gemstone & Enamel Ring


If you love teal, you’ll love this ring. And, all bohemians want a hunk of rock on their finger, so it’s the perfect size without dwarfing your hand.


Encircled with black enamel that makes it elegant and eye-catching, this ring offers a cleaned-up version of bohemian that’s acceptable for the office.





My Bohemia Jewelry’s 14k Gold Hamsa Ring


This ring is designed by My Bohemia Jewelry out of Brooklyn, and they specialize in “hand-sculpted talismans,” so you can bring your positive energy with you whether you’re on the subway or in the Yoga studio.


The Hamsa is an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolizing the Hand of God and is a protective sign in all faiths. It is believed that the Hamsa sign will bring its owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune.






by / natalie frigo’s Brass Cow Skull Ring


A little boho with a lot of badass, this ring makes us think of old forest lore or road tripping to the wild west. Either way, we love it. This will pair perfectly with that cow skull on your mantle, you wild west explorer.







Stefanie Sheehan Jewelry’s Paradise Ring with Inlay Stone


Stunning hand-carved palms that surround the stone inlay give this ring a vintage, timeless look. Choose from either mother of pearl or turquoise and from a yellow brass or sterling silver band. Whichever way you go, you can’t go wrong. The yellow brass with turquoise makes it look vintage, and the sterling silver with mother of pearl makes it look crisp and beautifully clear.


Add some new flair to your wardrobe with our ring collection.

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Read6 Bohemian Rings for the Hippie Soul

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I wasn’t even out of middle school yet when I was first called “bohemian.” Wearing bulky...

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