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The Easiest Weeknight Buddha Bowls

by Rebecca McCusker June 06, 2019
ReadThe Easiest Weeknight Buddha Bowls Photo by Kelly Sikkema

When I first stumbled upon the concept of “Buddha bowls,” I was mesmerized. They were so beautiful and colorful that it wasn’t just dinner, it was art! Every food group working together to create a delicious and beautiful meal must take hours to prepare, right?


Wrong! Buddha bowls are shockingly simple to prepare, and they have become my perfect quick go-to when I want to make a meal in 30 minutes or less.


Buddha bowls are great for busy weeknights when you don’t feel like being in the kitchen for hours. I typically create Buddha bowls with whatever I happen to have on hand, making them ideal even when you haven’t been grocery shopping in what feels like forever.


The original Buddha bowl is a vegan recipe, but I, not being vegan, have altered it to my pescatarian liking. Therefore, this Buddha bowl recipe still features plants and vegetables as the star of the bowl, but I add cod for protein, brain-healthy B-vitamins, and, of course, the delicious flavor of white fish.


In order to get in my cooking mode, I turn on some jazz, sip some wine, and organize my staging area. I think you’ll enjoy the smells as much as I do! Keep in mind that this recipe can serve four people—typically my husband and I end up with leftovers.


You will need:

A rice cooker

A cast iron skillet

A pot



2 fillets of fresh caught Pacific cod

Cherry tomatoes, sliced in half

1 green bell pepper, chopped

½ cup basmati rice

1 can of black beans

1 avocado, mashed

1 yellow onion, diced

1 tbsp minced garlic

3 tbsp butter

Taco spices

1 tsp lemon juice


First, cook basmati rice in your rice cooker. This takes the longest, so the rice will cook when you’re preparing everything else.


In a small pot on the stove, pour in beans, taco seasoning, and 1 cup of water. Let it reach a boil. The goal is to make the black beans softer.


While you’re letting the rice cook and beans boil, chop up your veggies in bite-size portions. Melt 1 tbsp of butter in the cast iron skillet.


Add onion and minced garlic to the skillet. Once onion softens, add bell pepper. Once bell pepper softens, add cherry tomato slices.


Cook until desired consistency. Salt and pepper to taste. Once veggies are all cooked, set aside in their own separate bowl.


In the same skillet, melt 2 tbsp of butter.


Sear the cod for 3 minutes on both sides, adding a dash of salt, pepper, and lemon juice.


Mash up the avocado and drain the beans.


To serve, put rice in the bottom of the bowl, followed by beans, veggies, avocado, and, finally, fish! I like serving fish on top so it looks delicious. Enjoy the healthy goodness!


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