7 Pendant Lights to Spice Up Your Kitchen

by Rebecca McCusker May 23, 2019
Read7 Pendant Lights to Spice Up Your Kitchen Image courtesy of Vitamin

One of my best friends recently moved into a split-level mid-century modern home in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio. It’s sky blue and charming—with large picture windows and smooth oak floors. When I first arrived with a celebratory bottle of wine in hand, I cooed in approval at her beautiful choice of abode, and for the most part, Emily was pretty pleased with it.


“There’s just one thing I have to change about this kitchen,” she said, “These tired old pendant lights have got to go.”


She had a point. When most of us move into a new house, there are a few things we typically want to upgrade, and pendant lights are an easy fix with huge impact. A simple switch here can make a space go from looking stale to fresh.


For many of us, our kitchens are the center of our homes, where we cook meals and enjoy time spent with our families. It’s worth ensuring that the kitchen speaks to the personality of your home.


Whether you’re going for a modern, industrial chic, farmhouse, or minimalist look, the size, shape, and material of your pendant light can tell the story you want to tell. Here are some of our favorite pendant lights for those of you whose kitchens need an upgrade.




fferrone’s Bird Cage Pendant Lamp


The industrial-chic kitchen is irresistibly functional. Rustic metals accented against rough cuts of wood take us back to simpler times. These Bird Cage Pendant Lamps, designed by fferrone in Chicago, are playfully inspired by birdcages and are the perfect accent if you want a touch of industrial creativity and charm.






Dounia Home’s Ziya Ceiling Light


Warm-toned metals have a way of infusing brightness into a space, and such is the case with these Ziya Ceiling Lights. Perfect for the eclectic kitchen, this pendant light design has roots in Marrakch, Morocco, and is sure to add a sense of interest to the bold, adventurous kitchen decorator.






Light Society’s Cruz Pendant Lamp


Edison bulbs are hot right now, especially since many home decor styles are going back to the basics of farmhouse-style, vintage vibes. That’s why we love this Cruz Pendant Lamp. Designed by Light Society in Los Angeles, these lights have the perfect touch of vintage industrial style while staying sleek and clean for the refined kitchen.





Souda’s Signal Pendant Light Fixture


With a touch of mid-century and post-mod, this Signal Pendant Light is equal parts sleek, elegant, and minimal. Perfect for hanging above the kitchen table or lining them up above the bar, this pendant light will inspire you to be bold with your choices. This light emits a pleasingly soft glow and is available in a variety of materials and colors: choose from brass, copper, black, or white.






Vitamin’s Large Knot Lamp


Coming in a stunning array of colors, this Large Knot Lamp features blow-molded glass poised on a large knot. Your rope can be bright green, blue, pink, orange, purple, sea-foam green, or gold, delivering a dose of whimsical fun to any space. Hang this in any space that’s inspired by adventure and high design. Its London-based brother designers create pieces inspired by function and fun, and it shows!





Kontra’s Walnut Drop Pendant Light


Made from smooth walnut, this pendant light is minimalist, organic, and mid-century chic to the core. Sure to elevate any kitchen with its silky wood and shining polished brass, it makes you want to serve up some whiskey on the rocks under the soft glow of this beauty. This light was designed to not only be a functional kitchen piece but to also evoke a sense of artfulness and architecture.





Object/Interface’s Hemisphere Pendant Planter


Modern minimalism with a twist, this Hemisphere Pendant Planter is not only a stunning light for your kitchen, but it is also a planter! Perfect for adding a touch of effortless greenery to the heart of your home, this pendant lamp is dreamy, modern, and crisp, and it can stand alone as a stunning light fixture. The designer, Object/Interface, is all about “making your world beautifully functional,” and, by turning a beautiful pendant light into a planter, they’ve done just that.


We love finding new, fun ways to light up a room. We’ve made it easy for you to do the same with our ceiling light collection!


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Read7 Pendant Lights to Spice Up Your Kitchen

7 Pendant Lights to Spice Up Your Kitchen

One of my best friends recently moved into a split-level mid-century modern home in the suburbs...