Everything You Need to Know About Nail Oils

by Rebecca McCusker May 06, 2019
ReadEverything You Need to Know About Nail Oils Photo by Amy Shamblen

All my life, I’ve been plagued by crummy fingernails. I’ve never been a nail chewer, I’ve never been someone who picks and scrapes, but, for some reason, my nails are soft, papery, and brittle.


I have the type of nails you want to cut short and paint black. Which is fine, I guess.


So, when I first tried nail oils, I was an instant convert. I was amazed at how quickly I could grow out socially acceptable nails. I started feeling a little more put-together and even a little prettier—all from a little nail boost!


Nail oils: the what and why

Think you have incorrigible nails? Think again. Made of nourishing jojoba oil, pomegranate seed oils, and strengthening herbs, nail oils can protect your sensitive, delicate cuticles from daily wear and tear. Nails and cuticles can easily become damaged when you’re doing the dishes, gardening, swimming, playing musical instruments, and typing. Even UV rays can negatively affect your nails (as can dry air and chemicals, such as chlorine). If you want them long and strong, you have to protect them.


This is where oils come in—slathering on some nail oils every night can stimulate nail growth and help nails appear healthier.


What to look for in nail oils

Different nail oil companies approach nail oils differently. But one thing is clear: You want the ingredients to contain a mix of different essential oils for maximum impact.


According to Hello Glow, “A good cuticle oil blend should contain a healthy mix of different essential oils for nails so you can reap all the benefits they have to offer… a well-rounded mix helps to cover all your bases and heal your cuticles as quickly as possible.”


Choose a nail oil with a thin consistency that sinks in quickly. Look for citric acid on the label as citric acid aids absorbency.


Who should use nail oils?

If you’re like me and keep your nails short because they’re a soft, brittle nuisance, then you might want to check out some nail oils. Dry, chapped cuticles? Chipped nails? Hangnails? You need a vial, stat.


If you live in a dry environment, you’ll appreciate the hydration nail oils provide. I remember spending a week in Phoenix, Arizona, and lamenting my nails because they got so dry and brittle. Nail oils would have come in handy if I had known about their powerful benefits back then.


You don’t even have to have crummy nails to benefit from nail oils. Anyone who loves having beautiful, strong, long nails can reap the rewards. After all, in order to have flashy talons, you need to prevent nail damage, and nail oils can be just the ticket.


Uka Nail Oils: Our nail oil obsession

Uka has turned into something of a cult. These oils are chock-full of skin health powerhouses, such as jojoba oil and almond oil. Vogue Magazine drooled over the “organic argan extract, the super-hydrating nail treatment [that] arrives in a slim glass rollerball vial that’s timestamped and loaded with aromatherapy benefits.”


We wish you could sniff Uka nail oils through the computer screen because wow. They smell amazing. We’ve heard some customers say that even their husbands love the vanilla and lavender scent, which is perfect to apply before bedtime because of its calming, de-stressing magic. It’s not just a nail strengthener, it’s an experience.


We have a variety of uka nail oils for you to choose from!

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