6 Innovative Takes on Furniture Essentials

by Rebecca McCusker May 02, 2019
Read6 Innovative Takes on Furniture Essentials Image courtesy of Jonathan Adler

While your mom’s old wine rack might be an optional part of your home’s decor, there are certain furniture items that are non-negotiable. Your home needs a few chairs for you to sit down in, some shelves for books, and end tables by the sofa. A good coffee table can really pull a living room together. A rug can warm a space.


But, while certain furniture pieces are essential, boredom is not. Chances are, you’re past the point of being satisfied with hand-me-downs from your parents or cheap furniture from big-box stores.


Every piece of furniture in your home—from your kitchen chairs to your coffee table—makes a statement about how you live at home. It makes sense for these furniture items to match you—your personality, your preferences, your tastes.


Here are some of our favorite furniture essentials that flip the script from boring to one of a kind. They’re so unique that you’ve never seen anything like them before.



Kontra’s Trizone Contemporary Modular Table


Modular means choices! This coffee table is three triangular tables in one. Space them out for three separate tables or combine them to create one. Switch up the shape of the table, have some fun, get creative!


This Trizone Contemporary Modular Table is certainly fresh and modern. With its cool gray and white accents, your guests will proclaim they’ve never seen anything like it.





Roije’s Seatshell Structured Armchair


We all need a place to sit at the table, so you might as well make the chair as fabulous as your guests. Designed in the Netherlands, these chairs are geometric and chic, fitting perfectly in any crisp, modern space. Either couple with your kitchen table for a well-appointed dining space or place in the living room for a touch of beauty and functionality.




Jonathan Adler’s Brass Teardrop Table


End tables are essential. Where else are you going to put your cocktail while lounging on the couch? You’ll never go back to having a wooden end table again after seeing this brass teardrop-shaped beauty. What we love about these tables is how versatile they are and how creative you can get with three or four of them. Merge them all together to create a four-leaf-clover-shaped coffee table, string three of them in a row for a dynamic bar, or simply place one beside your armchair or the bed for a touch of elegance.




Portego’s Sottoportico Abstract Wool Rug


Rugs add a sense of texture and warmth to a space, but so many rugs are cheap and end up looking like something the cat dragged in. This wool rug takes the entire room up a notch. It’s all about texture, color, and shape with this one—catching the eye with its colorful geometric design. This rug also mixes different weaves and yarn lengths, which offers a sense of eye-catching texture and creates a pleasing experience to walk on in your bare feet. It’s interactive art for the floor!




Modos Furniture’s 5 Cell Wooden Shelf


Instead of opting for a basic bookshelf, these honeycomb-style shelves add emphasis and shape to a space. Our favorite part? You can reconfigure this shelf system to look the way you want. Stack them high, make then asymmetrical, or string them under a picture window. According to the designer, Modos Furniture, “We think products should last a lifetime and change with your life.”





Jonathan Adler’s Ether Velvet Settee


Still rockin’ your mother’s floral couch that she got on sale in 1998? It’s time for an upgrade, and this Ether Velvet Settee is equal parts soft heaven and elegant embrace. Designed to look like a cloud, it’ll make you feel on cloud nine when you experience the soft, smooth texture of this settee. This is the kind of couch that doesn’t go out of style as it’s a unique design that’s the perfect amount of edgy and chic.



Why settle for the everyday when you can get furniture with exciting designs right in our shop?


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