Brands That Give Back: Enji Studio Jewelry

by Dani Howell March 27, 2019
ReadBrands That Give Back: Enji Studio Jewelry Photo courtesy of Enji Studio Jewelry

Many of our designers are taking steps to improve the world. Brands That Give Back is a way to highlight all the good they’re doing!


One of those designers is Niki, founder of Enji Studio Jewelry. Enji focuses on modern and minimal designs, sustainable jewelry creation, and supporting communities. The brand is committed to being a positive change in the jewelry industry—one that uses ethical sourcing and manufacturing. And, a portion of their proceeds even goes to organizations that help out locally and globally.


Enji Studio Jewelry

Photo courtesy of Enji Studio Jewelry

Enji pieces are handcrafted in their California studio, and each is designed to be a wearable work of art. You’ll find many sleek, minimalist options, like the Oda Stacking Ring, the Chiara Bangle, and the Hera Earrings, but there are also some statement pieces in the collections, too, like the Offula Pendant Necklace, the Fabia Earrings, and the 18k Gold Occulus Necklace. Plus, their pieces are made using recycled materials and fair-trade gems!


Not only does Enji make stunning jewelry, but they make their pieces working with organizations committed to bettering the industry. They take steps to help those most overlooked in the manufacturing process: the miners. That means when you wear an Enji ring, bracelet, or necklace, you’re supporting all the people who had a hand in bringing that piece to life.


I spoke with Niki to get the lowdown on all the great work Enji is doing. She told me about using her jewelry to tell the stories of the people who help make the pieces; supporting miners, their families, and fair-trade practices; and making a positive impact around the world. Learn more about her work in the industry and in the community below!


Ethically made jewelry

Jewelry ready to be set by Enji Studio Jewelry.

On ethical and sustainable practices

Niki: “I work with recycled gold and sterling silver from one of the most environmentally friendly refiners and do what I can in my studio practice to minimize our footprint. I source the stones we use in all of our pieces from a handful of trusted vendors (in a couple of cases, directly from the owner of the mine).”


“[Working with fair-trade] mines and buying ethically sourced gems means supporting fair-trade practices and helping people in these mining communities invest in their future and their children’s futures.”


On working with organizations that make a difference

“I donate to organizations I trust so I know my contribution will benefit the people it’s meant to, which will have real and lasting impacts inside and outside the jewelry industry. On a more local scale, I’ve worked with the Alliance for HOPE for close to four years now, and they do so much for kids and families affected by domestic violence. I’ve taught a jewelry-making class for the kids and parents and have volunteered as a mentor in their Pathways to HOPE program, which exposes the kids to opportunities in STEM fields and higher education.”


“I also work with the Women’s Jewelry Association to help women advance in what has traditionally been a very male-dominated industry.”


Enji Studio Jewelry

Photo courtesy of Enji Studio Jewelry

On promoting positive change

Locally: “Last fall [we raised enough money] to send two kids to Camp HOPE during the summer and pay their way for the Pathways to HOPE yearlong mentoring program. It’s a small, locally focused positive change that will have a lasting impact on these kids’ lives.”


Globally: “We’ve raised money for the Mercury Free Mining Project, which seeks to find an environmentally friendly, affordable, and nontoxic solution to mercury use in gold mining. Every day close to 8,000 pounds of mercury is released into the waterways, which leads to illness and birth defects for the mining communities using this toxic chemical; it destroys the environment and poisons the local fish and wildlife. I think it’s really imperative to find solutions, especially ones which fit the needs of the small-scale artisanal miners.”


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