5 Travel Hacks That Take the Stress out of Jet Setting

by Erin Klabunde March 14, 2019
Read5 Travel Hacks That Take the Stress out of Jet Setting Image courtesy of Stow

Flight delays, cramped economy seats, hotel room mini-fridges with exorbitantly priced bottles of liquor: These and other indignities of travel are well documented. Jet setting doesn’t have to be stressful, though. Here are five products designed to make your journey easier and more pleasurable. This stuff will keep you organized, provide extra storage, and even let you get a vacation buzz without the sticker shock of that $75 Champagne split.





Lay-n-Go’s Cosmetic Bag


A cosmetic bag so ingeniously designed that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. No more dumping your makeup and toiletries onto the bed or bathroom counter—just open this pouch and all your bottles and palettes are spread out on the bag’s 20-inch surface. When it’s time to pack up, close the drawstring and throw the whole thing in your suitcase.







RISE gear’s Carry-On Bag with Collapsible Shelves


A carry-on bag with built-in shelving? What’ll they think of next? When you reach your destination, just hang the shelves from a closet rod (hooks are included) and put all your clothes away. There’s even a laundry compartment at the bottom so your clean clothes stay separate, and there’s a shoe pocket at the top, too. It’s all the convenience of home, even when you’re far away.







Moore & Giles’ Fine Leather Shirt Pack


For the business tripper: a supple leather case that keeps dress shirts crisp and wrinkle free through takeoff and landing. It offers room for five shirts to be packed compactly, maximizing suitcase space, and it comes with an instructional folding board to ensure easy and efficient packing.







Stow’s First-Class Leather Tech Case


It’s the leather case that keeps all your tech essentials handy—and cords tangle free! That must be why Meghan Markle loves it so much (yes, really). It’s designed with loops to organize cables and pockets for all your travel documents, and it comes with a powerbank and 32GB memory stick. So, your gadgets stay charged—and you stay connected—wherever you go.







w&p’s Carry-on Cocktail Kit Travel Pack


A decent drink (or two) on a flight can drastically improve the whole experience. w&p’s genius carry-on kit has all the ingredients you need to make three classic cocktails: the old fashioned, the gin and tonic, and the Moscow Mule—all zipped up in a handy pouch.






Explore luggage and accessories to make your next flight comfy and stress free.

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