Creative Lighting to Breathe New Life (& Light) Into Your Home

by Dakota Arkin Cafourek March 10, 2019
ReadCreative Lighting to Breathe New Life (& Light) Into Your Home Image courtesy of marc pascal

Lighting is the ultimate mood setter. Warm hues make a gathering feel cozy and intimate. Light can be a source of calm or radiate energy, particularly during the short daylight hours of winter. Who isn’t drawn to a cascade of natural sunlight filling up a room? Or a blazing fireplace? In interior design, light sources provide us with an opportunity to be creative and enliven a space, much the same way we might think of contrasting a couch with an eye-catching indigo throw cushion or adding a vibrant hand-blown glass vase to a shelf. Here are some lamp decor selections that are sure to turn heads and light up a room.




Dounia Home’s Ziya Ceiling Light


This Dounia Home piece is for the old-soul traveler drawn to character and enchantment. At once contemporary and capturing the rich artisanal detailings of its Moroccan roots, this ceiling light is a gorgeous addition to your living space. It’s a bold statement piece, handmade in solid brass, copper, or silver, all together warm and entrancing with its intricate hand-cut shapes and resulting shadows.







Fort Makers’ Cherry Ladder LED Line Light


A whole new meaning to functional furniture, this handmade ladder emits warm ambient light that juxtaposes the clean and familiar lines of the ladder to play with shadow. Let it sit as a standalone art piece against a blank wall or use it to illuminate your home library.







The Oliver Gal Artist Co.’s ‘Besos’ Neon Art


This fiery, fun statement piece is where lighting meets art. The ultimate romantic will be goo-goo eyes for this mounted neon sign handcrafted with glass tubing which reads Besos—“kisses” in Spanish.







mineheart’s King Arthur Mirror Dome Lamp


Long live King Arthur in this playful dome lamp. The two-way mirrored glass reveals a replica of the legendary British leader’s skull and crown when the light is turned on. At once eccentric and magical, this lamp will light up a smile in your inner Lancelot and Guinevere.







marc pascal’s Eyoi Yoi


Inspired by nature, this pendant light is reminiscent of falling autumn leaves and floating butterflies. Its delicate shapes suspended by fine stainless-steel wires allow the lamp to take on gentle movement as air enters a room. Bursts of colors selected to your personal taste enhance any space while making it one of a kind.


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