Gifts for New and Expecting Moms

by Dani Howell November 28, 2018
ReadGifts for New and Expecting Moms

New and expecting moms are busy women. First, the mom-to-be has to get everything ready for her newborn’s arrival. Then, she’ll be focused on taking care of her baby–that doesn’t leave much time for relaxation. And, that’s where you come in. The holidays are a great time to get new and expecting moms gifts that make it easier for them to take some time to themselves. These suggestions will help you choose a gift that gives the moms you know an excuse to relax and get comfortable.

Goodnight Moon Leatherbound Book

Graphic Image Goodnight Moon Leatherbound Book

This leatherbound version of the classic Goodnight Moon gives parents the chance to spend quiet time with their kid. It’s something they’ll be able to read over and over to create cherished memories with one another.

Mexican & Mediterranean Chocolates

Ricardo Bremer Chocolates Mexican & Mediterranean Chocolates 

Everyone needs a quick break from time to time. These decadent Mexican and Mediterranean chocolates are a wonderful opportunity for new or soon-to-be moms to take a second to themselves as they enjoy these natural, preservative-free sweets.


Custom Handmade Wool Slippers "Lagom"

Felt Forma Custom Handmade Wool Slippers “Lagom” 

She’ll be able to use these handmade slippers every day. The organic wool allows them to breathe and keep a balanced temperature–and they’re non-slippery, too! It’s the perfect gift to keep new and expecting moms comfy while they’re at home.

Organic Decadent Bath Salts

Malaya Organics Organic Decadent Bath Salts 

For the mom who needs 30 minutes to herself, these Organic Decadent Bath Salts will do the trick. They combine Himalayan pink salt and Epsom salt with a mix of botanical oils for a fully soothing experience. If you really want to give a gift she’ll remember, you can even offer to watch her kid when she uses these salts.


Oatmeal Alpaca Maxi Scarf


HOPEMadeintheworld Oatmeal Alpaca Maxi Scarf 

Always on the go, new and expecting moms want something to keep them cozy in the house that they can also wear when they go out. This alpaca scarf is just the thing. It’s as stylish as it is comfortable, making it just what every mom needs.

14k Gold & Diamond Disc Stud Earrings

Zoe Lev Jewelry 14k Gold & Diamond Disc Stud Earrings 

These 14k-gold earrings have a classic look that goes with any wardrobe. That means moms won’t have to take the time to choose a pair to match their outfit every morning, but they’ll still enjoy the benefits of stylish studs.


Still working on your shopping to-do list? Our Holiday Shop has guides to help with everyone you’re buying for.


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