Biohacking from Head to Toe: A Beginner’s Guide

by Blythe Lewis April 09, 2018
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The biohacking trend has spread over Silicon Valley and beyond, with wellness blogs calling it one of the biggest trends of 2018. But what exactly is biohacking and how can it improve your day-to-day life? We’re breaking it down for you.


What is biohacking?

Biohacking is the idea that you can improve your physical and mental wellbeing by “hacking” into your body’s biology, whether it’s by tracking glucose levels in your blood or controlling the bacteria in your gut. Since your body is just a group of systems, if you take control of each of those systems you can push your body and mind to work at their optimal levels. While tech execs take this to the extreme with methods like intermittent fasting, consuming nothing but water and coffee for days, there are easier and less drastic ways to foray into the world of biohacking. Here are four ways to use biohacking to improve the health of four of your body systems.


Biohacking for your brain 

One of the most popular forms of biohacking is nootropics, “smart drugs” that improve mental clarity, stimulate creativity, and reduce brain fog and stress. Nootropics come in many forms, from Bulletproof coffee to prescription drugs, as the term nootropics broadly covers all substances that enhance brain function. We’re fans of Awakened Alchemy’s Awaken Gold, which contains 11 different ingredients including Noopept, a nootropic that’s been gaining popularity lately for its ability to improve both short-term and long-term memory. Instead of caffeine, Awaken Gold also includes L-theanine, a naturally occurring amino acid that provides the same energy boost without the crash or jitters. Users claim that it lifts brain fog, decreases anxiety, and improves information recall.


Biohacking for your heart

High levels of stress and anxiety are linked to an increased risk for heart disease, so the first step is to try to identify potential triggers. Wearing a heart rate monitor to track your heart beats throughout the day can give you a good indication of your stress levels throughout the day. Once you notice spikes in your heart rate, you can start practicing mindfulness and relaxation techniques like breath work and meditation in order to lower your stress level. An easy way to start is focusing on your breath, counting inhalations and exhalations (start with a 4:6 ratio and then work up to 4:8 and 4:10).


Biohacking for your gut

Doctors and nutritionists are now calling the gut the “second brain” because of its links to mental wellbeing; an unbalanced gut can lead to anxiety, depression, and general poor health. There’s a wealth of probiotic food out there to restore balance to a gut ravaged by the processed foods and antibiotics of the modern world, but one of the easiest ways to add probiotics is by taking probiotic supplements or drinking kombucha. Making kombucha at home is easier than you think, especially with a smartly designed brewing jar like Mortier Pilon’s.


Biohacking your menstrual cycle

Hormones are among the biggest influences on your mood and weight, especially so for women, because of the monthly fluctuations when ovulating and menstruating. Tracking your mood and health stats throughout the month can let you better understand how to manage your ups and downs of hormones. There’s hundreds of period tracking apps to choose from, but our favorite is MyFLO, which not only tracks the stages of your cycle, but tells you how best to eat and exercise in each one.


Did we miss any of your favorite ways of biohacking? We’d love to hear your suggestions. For more biohacking, check out our wellness products from independent brands.

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