Night Rituals: Wellness and Spiritual Writer, Lalah Delia

by Courtney Conway February 23, 2018
ReadNight Rituals: Wellness and Spiritual Writer, Lalah Delia Photo by @lalahdelia

Lalah Delia, Wellness & Spiritual Writer, Back Sleeper


If you’re not familiar with Lalah Delia yet, then we’d definitely recommend giving her a follow on Instagram, where she shares inspirational words and actionable spiritual advice. If you’re looking to add a little positivity to your Instagram feed (which honestly, who isn’t these days) then we suggest tapping that follow button ASAP.


Her website Vibrate Higher Daily, is launching by the end of March as a “space, basically a vibrational support system online.” “It’s part website, part blog for vibrational-based living,” she explains. Her nighttime routine is just as dreamy as you’d expect and includes things like rest-inducing binaural music, golden milk, and crystals. Keep reading for high vibes and bedtime bliss.


Before-bed ritual

“I try and go to bed around 9 or 10 pm. Before that, though I always pray with my son before he goes to bed, and so I do that and tuck him in. Spirituality and spiritual communication are huge for us, and a foundation for our vibrational based living, so no matter what, no matter how tired we are, I always make sure we have that sacred time together.


Then I always have a cup of golden milk, and I just mix that with Moondelis golden mix, and I usually use warm almond or macadamia milk so it’s healing. It nurtures the digestion tract, the immune system, and the nervous system. It really helps to prepare the body for rest.”


Binaural music

“I also like to recenter myself from the day and cleanse my energy off by listening to my energy cleanse playlist on Spotify. I let it play even when drifting off to sleep because it contains binaural music, which is brainwave-inducing music. So it really helps to nurture the mind, and it’s just so therapeutic. I just wish everyone knew about it. There is one for each brainwave, so if you just listen to the one that’s meant for sleep, you will literally have the best rest.”



“Every night before going to bed, I make sure to wash my face and I use the Giovanni detox system, which is a charcoal-based product. And it’s all clean—I live a completely green-clean lifestyle. So I do that, and then I apply some aloe vera gel—which is so amazing, especially if you want dewy skin. The aloe vera is basically like an overnight mask. You wake up in the morning and your skin is seriously glowing and dewy. Then I put another thin layer of shea butter from Hanahana Beauty.”



“I also like to drink a cup of Tulsi holy basil tea at night. I do that because I find that I wake up in the morning more hydrated. Like we’re sleeping for eight hours, and there’s something about the holy basil that helps me stay hydrated. It’s also just another all-around good wellness tea.”



“I like both. Baths to soak away and showers to rinse away. If I do take a bath, I like to then just rinse off with a cold shower afterward. Definitely, love to use Epsom salt or Himalayan salt, but the bigger chunks. Also, I like to use about seven drops of my favorite essential oils. If it’s at night time, I would recommend either lavender oil or chamomile oil—something really soothing. And then if you’re taking one in the morning, grapefruit oil or rosemary is really good. Candles and music also always help.”



“Anything flowy, like a flowy gown, does it for me. I definitely like all natural materials, and there’s a brand called Flax and Black Crane. What I found is that it can just be a little dress but a little longer and thinner and it can double as a nightgown. Because sometimes the nightgowns that I find are going a different direction than the therapeutic vibe, so I just find something that would be more of a fashion statement, but I turn it into a nightgown. I just feel really good when I’m sleeping in beautiful clothes.”



“There’s a few, so palo santo sticks are my ultimate favorite. And there is this fragrance called Holy Water by Resonance Apothecary, and it’s a mix of all these essential oils, and it’s literally amazing. Like it’s honestly like holy water. You spray it in your home, and it’s just instantly good vibes. And then Pinon by Incense of the West, I burn that as well and it’s amazing. And then I burn beeswax candles, and that’s pretty much it.”



“I love Audible… but currently I just started reading Joyous Body by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, and also I’m reading her other book called Women Who Run With The Wolves.


Bedside Table

“I have a salt lamp, a large lamp, a plant, palo santo in a brass bowl, my journal and then a few crystals.”


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