5 Products to Help Reduce Your Kitchen Carbon Footprint

by Bailey Swilley February 12, 2018
Read5 Products to Help Reduce Your Kitchen Carbon Footprint

Was your New Year’s resolution to be kinder to the earth? It’s never too late to make smart changes for the benefit of the planet. We have a few products that can definitely help you make your life and home more eco-friendly. We’ve got sustainable ways to stow your snacks, clean your home, and even brew your coffee. The environment will thank you!


Reusable Cotton Kitchen Clothes “Unpaper Towels” 

Reduce the amount of paper in your home starting with those pesky paper towels. How many times a day do you tear off a new one to throw in the garbage later? Not anymore thanks to this chic set of 24 100% cotton waffle-textured kitchen cloths. Use them to wipe and dust around the house or as napkins with dinner. Then, simply launder and use again.



Reusable Snack Bags (Set of 9)

Stash your pretzels, trail mix, fruit slices, and more in these beautiful fabric bags. You’ll keep your backpack and purse clean without the wastefulness of plastic sacks. Each one is lined in washable, water-resistant nylon so you can empty out and wash after every use. Plus, their flexible velcro fastening makes them super kid-friendly!

Reusable Beeswax Wrap (Variety Set)

Abeego is food wrap, revolutionized. This reusable beeswax wrap is breathable, reusable, and compostable. Keep everything fresh (yes, even avocados, lemons, cheese, and so much more) with these babies. Baking pros can even cover rising dough with it! Yes, we will mind our beeswax with this amazing product.

Lunch Cross Cloth Bag 

Sure, the term “brown-bagging it” is endearing, but outdated. Carry your grub in this functional bag from Araiyan in Japan. Wrap everything you want (sandwiches, veggies, etc.), tie it all up, and sling around your shoulder as you go to work.


Kone Coffee Filter 

Not only do they build up in your trash can, but did you know paper filters can soak up the flavorful oils from your coffee beans. The Kone solves that problem! Made from food-safe stainless steel, it fits standard Chemex® Coffee Makers and is reusable, pot after pot after pot.


Did we miss any of your favorite sustainable swaps?


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