How to Update Your Space with a Statement Rug

by Blythe Lewis February 07, 2018
ReadHow to Update Your Space with a Statement Rug

If 2017 was the year of muted and understated colors (think millennial pink and Scandinavian grey and white), 2018 is coming in strong with the complete opposite: striking colors and bold patterns are dominating home trends. Particularly new is the evolution of statement walls into statement ceilings and floors. If you’re not quite ready to commit to a wallpapered ceiling or a mosaic-tiled floor, a cheaper (and more reversible) option is an eye-catching rug. Wake up a tired living space with one of these adventurous styles.


Photographic prints

These statement rugs bring modern and fresh style to any room. Tread across banana leaves, get swept away by a crashing wave, or add glamour with a cool metallic marble. These eye-catching rugs are well-suited for rooms that feel monochromatic or dull.

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Woven Rug "Tropicana 4"
Woven Rug "Tropicana 6"

Updated Persian

If graphic is a bit too loud for you, go the more subtle route by incorporating a classic Persian design in unconventional colors. Instead of the typical deep reds, blues, and creams, find a rug that incorporates bright pink, teal, or stark white. Pair in a room with strong wood elements for a perfect mixture of old and new style.


Geometric patterns

For a preppy or art deco look, geometric patterns can add elegance and sophistication to a room that feels a little outdated. Try large Greek key, tessellated triangles, or vintage palmettes. Bonus tip: skip the chevron, which experts are saying is overused and on its way out. Try finding a pattern with just 2 or 3 colors that complement, but don’t exactly match the colors in your room.

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Petal Rug
Amigos de Hoy
Fringed Floor Rug "Urban Diamond"
Casa Amarosa

Modern revival

Modern and mid-century modern styles are having a huge revival, bringing back abstract forms, strong lines, and simple color schemes to home decor. While modern design heavily relies on neutral and natural colors, blocks of color with clean-cut lines can add variation while keeping to the theme.

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Abstract Wool Rug "OCI TRIS"
Medina Rug
Nani Marquina


Eclectic textures

A textured rug invites touch, drawing you into a room. Combining different woven natural materials like fique, jute, or leather create a rugged outdoorsy effect, or soft wool adds visible texture that warms a space and makes it feel inviting.

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Wool & Cotton Rug "Phoenix"
Casa Amarosa
Glaoui Alexandra Rug



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