Tech-savvy Blogger Carley K’s Favorite Gifts

by Courtney Conway December 12, 2017
ReadTech-savvy Blogger Carley K’s Favorite Gifts

If you’re following Carley K’s excellent lifestyle blog (which you totally should be doing), then you already know she’s kind of the queen of all things tech. Right before the tech boom of the mid-aughts, she moved out to LA and led the charge. “I quickly fell in love with the internet and built some of the first film and TV websites for the studios in LA. Then, I had my first child and kind of reinvented myself as a life coach for people who felt like they were struggling with how to have a successful career and be the kind of parent they wanted to be—while also figuring out how to use all this new technology for their benefit.”


These days, Carley blogs about tech and how to better integrate it into your life in a healthy way, like new apps that help you track your cycle or how to master your smart home installation. As for tips for better gift-giving, she reminds us that “there [are] definitely things that people don’t really buy for themselves, so those are the gifts I love to give. I also like to give gifts that would solve a problem for someone and just make their life easier—if the tech solves a problem, then people are more likely to take the time to set it up and use it.” We couldn’t agree more. Now, on to her picks!


OYOBox Wood Tech Tray 

“No matter how slim or lightweight, tech (and all the apps and feeds that beckon inside) has a hulking presence—charging it in this chic drawer, vs. on your nightstand, is a symbolic way of saying, ‘You’re done connecting for the night, and so am I.'”


Keas Ceramic Bluetooth Speaker System 

“Now your breakfast cereal can sound amazing! Just kidding— don’t fill the Bluetooth speaker with milk!”



MPOWERD Flameless Ambient Light/Lantern “Luci” (Set Of 3)

“I love these to light a path, to hang in a tree for an alfresco dinner, or to keep handy in case of a blackout. They glow beautifully… and there’s no fire hazard.”


LURK Rose, Sandalwood & Citrus Perfume Oil 

“I fell in love HARD for this brand of organic perfume oil years ago. The scents are intoxicating, and I’m especially seduced by this rose and sandalwood— it’s not too girly, a bit moody, but with a sunny outlook… like me!”


Stow Leather Transparent Travel Pouch 

“I travel with a few clear pouches like these—they’re handy on the airplane when you’re fishing for things in your carry-on, and great to keep cords, cosmetics, or important papers together when you’re packing.”


Verso Skincare Super Eye Serum 

“I can feel this stuff getting deep (DEEP!) beneath the sensitive skin around my eyes, getting rid of puffiness, dark circles and other signs that I’m a sleep deprived mom.”


No. 1 & No. 2 Lip & Cheek Balm Duo by Olio E Osso

“Hear my words: If you buy this duo (and you should) it will become permanently attached to you in an unhealthy way. Just kidding, it’s totally healthy (it’s organic and all-natural)! No. 1 (Clear) patches cracked elbows and lips and even smooths flyaways. No. 2 (French Melon) is my lip and cheek tint of choice.”


Exfoliating Manuka Honey Mask by OY-L

“I will admit that the idea of slathering my face with Manuka honey felt weird at first, but now swarms of bees couldn’t keep me away from this exfoliating, anti-inflammatory wonder-mask. (Well, maybe they could, but I’d put up a fight!)”


If you want more of Carley, check out her blog here—and then go give her a follow on Instagram @carleyknobloch!

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