Gifts for the Design Obsessives in Your Life

by Bailey Swilley November 20, 2017
ReadGifts for the Design Obsessives in Your Life

Do you have someone in your life whose apartment is so impeccably decorated that you never invite them over to yours? Make up for your lack of dinner parties with a gift so chic, you’ll knock the impeccably patterned socks right off of them. After all, the burgeoning designer on your list needs to be surrounded by pieces that scream “I am the next Jonathan Adler!” Here, 10 things your design lover will surely fall for.


Safe-T Fire Extinguishers (Price Varies)

No matter how many design objects she (or he) has in her home, there’s a good chance she doesn’t have a fire extinguisher that looks like this.


Studio Armadillo Origami Menorah ($127.00)

If your design lover celebrates Hanukkah, this ceramic menorah with a unique origami design is sure to impress.



The Ubarre U-Shaped All-in-One Workout Tool

Just because you love to workout doesn’t mean your home has to look like a gym. The sleek Ubarre is great for your core, arms, and hallway decor.



Yamazaki Tosca Dish Drainer Rack ($65)

OK, yes, a dish drainer rack is kind of an odd gift to get someone, but it’s totally unexpected in the best of ways. This version by Yamazaki slots perfectly into the smallest apartments and drains straight into the sink.


Alexandra von Furstenberg Acrylic Tray ($155.00)

Great for office supplies or displaying your favorite jewelry, this Alexandra von Furstenberg tray is practically *iconic* for interior design enthusiasts.


Esque Studio Glass Bubblegum Paperweight ($180.00)

Gift a playful paperweight to an exec with a corner office or just someone who has a bookshelf that could use some love (and pink).


Juniper Book Sets (Price Varies)

Books that do double duty as decor? Basically catnip for any design lover.


Menu Tumbler Alarm Clock ($100.00)
This fun rounded clock looks great on a nightstand and requires you to turn it upside down to turn off the alarm. Give it to your favorite design-loving sleepyhead.



The Oliver Gal Artist Co. Printed Shower Curtain ($88.00)
Escape… to the bathroom with one of 12 fun printed shower curtains.


Concrete Utensil Holder & Wine Chiller ($39.00)

Design obsessives know concrete is a huge decor trend for 2018. Appeal to their ahead-of-the-curve tastes with a wine chiller that doubles as storage for kitchen utensils.


Looking for more gifts? Visit The Holiday Shop to find something for everyone on your list.


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