Gifts for the One Who’s Never In Town

by Courtney Conway November 14, 2017
ReadGifts for the One Who’s Never In Town

We all have someone in our life who’s constantly booking trips and filling up her passport faster than we’re refilling our morning cup of coffee. And even though they’ve got the whole “living life to its fullest” thing down pat, they may need a little help with making those trips go a little smoother. We hunted around for ten perfect gifts to give them that’ll be sure to be useful for the next flight they’ll be taking. Who knows—they may even thank you by picking you up a non-keyring souvenir the next time they’re in Marrakesh.




ElizabethW Butterfly Silk Sleep Eye Mask ($35.00)

Help them catch some extra Z’s in style with this pretty silk sleep mask.



Andrea Cardone Italia Travel Bag ($400.00)

The most essential tool a traveler can have: a sturdy leather travel bag that will just get better looking with wear and tear.




White + Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap ($298.00)

A chilly airport can really put a damper on anyones travel plans, so make sure they’ll never have that issue ever again by gifting them this cozy cashmere wrap.



Mini Nap Pillow “Ostrichpillow by Studio Banana ($30.00)

This nifty nap pillow is destined to become first on his or her packing list for taking naps just about anywhere.



Patchology Energizing Eye Patch Travel Kit ($35.00)

They won’t have to worry about looking tired after a long plane ride ever again thanks to these energizing eye patches.



Cristina Ramella World Passport Holder ($160.00)

They’ll now be able to keep their passport nice and snug with this leather passport sleeve that’s just as practical as it is stylish.


ESYM Scent Pod Kit ($25)

As we all well know, traveling can be stressful. This teensy pod holds the dreamiest essential oils for aromatherapy on the go (without getting weird looks from your seatmate).




Winter Sessions Waxed Canvas Dopp Kit ($65.00)

A sturdy, last-almost-forever dopp kit is a man’s best friend. Help him stay organized on the go.



Infinity Travel Pillow by Huzi Design ($44.00)

This weird infinity scarf-like pillow is the secret to sleeping soundly on planes, airports, and just about anywhere else.



Fisher Space Pen Co. CH4B Shuttle Space Pen ($58)

What’s more annoying than trying to fill out a departure form only to find that your pen doesn’t write? The Fisher Space Pen is NASA tested to ensure that it works even in zero gravity, so flights are no problem.


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