Night Rituals: How You Glow Founders, Tara Sowlaty and Jessie De Lowe

by Courtney Conway January 02, 2018
ReadNight Rituals: How You Glow Founders, Tara Sowlaty and Jessie De Lowe Left, Tara Sowlaty; Right, Jessie De Lowe

As vital to our wellness as eating right, a good night’s sleep can be frustratingly elusive in modern life. Our Night Rituals series introduces you to women we find inspiring and how they power down before bedtime. Hope you find some tips and tricks for sleeping tight.


Jessie and Tara, Founders of How You Glow, Side/Stomach Sleeper and All-Over-the-Place Sleeper


Tara Sowlaty and Jessie De Lowe started How You Glow back in 2014 as a way to share the best products, tips, and info about health and wellness. And based on their glowy skin alone, they’ve got our full attention when it comes to tips on getting enough beauty sleep. We happily found that both of their nighttime routines are not only low maintenance, but also filled with dreamy ideas—like why haven’t we been drinking hot lemon water before bed or sleeping in a silk robe? Keep reading for more.


Skin and oral hygiene

Tara: “I always start with brushing my teeth with my Quip toothbrush and using my copper tongue scraper. Then I wash my face with True Botanicals Hydrating Cleanser, then sometimes I’ll use their Antioxidant Booster, so you can mix it with a serum, and then I’ll use a face oil. I’m also obsessed with this Nucifera Balm, and I’ll put it on my elbows and my nails. I like my skin to feel really moisturized before bed. Sometimes I use a mist too, I like the Jasmine Green Tea mist from Herbivore. I also like to light incense or candles too.”


Jessie: “After bathing, I use a dry brush to exfoliate my body and then lather myself in organic coconut oil with a few drops of lavender essential oil mixed in. I always wash my face with One Love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme cleansing oil and then tone with True Botanicals Nutrient Mist and hydrate my skin with Vintners Daughter Active Serum. Then I use a tongue scraper, floss, brush my teeth with my Quip toothbrush, then rinse with Tom’s mouthwash.”



Tara: “I’ll usually just put some coconut oil in my hair and let it sit overnight, maybe even mixing a little bit of lavender oil in as well”


Jessie: “I’m pretty low maintenance with my hair. I wash it every morning with Playa shampoo and conditioner and then put it in braids with a few sprays of La Tierra Sagrado—which is my fave.”


Before-bed ritual

Tara: “I probably go to bed around 11, but I think it’s important to have a good routine, so I like to start and end my day in a similar way. For me it’s like my cleansing ritual and drinking hot water and lemon. I know everyone has their rules of turning their phone off at 9pm, but I’m not as strict about that. I do try and disconnect, like I have my book by my bed and have other things around to help me wind down. And incense or candles really helps too. I have incense from Japan that I really like, but I also love Bodha incense because they’re smokeless. My favorite candles are made by the Milo House, it’s actually made by my friend who makes them out of her house. I also really love the Le Labo ones too, and my friend makes these candles for these gift boxes called Simone LeBlanc which are really nice too.”


Jessie: “ I try to go to sleep around 10:30-11pm, knowing that my four-month-old daughter is probably going to wake me up a few times in the night. So I’ll use some lavender essential oils, a very dark, uncluttered, clean room with a nicely made bed. Noise machine is also helpful! I also use Bodha Modern Wellness oil diffuser in Calm… it is heavenly!”


Eat or Drink

Tara: “It really depends on my mood. I have these awesome turmeric and ginger shots that I always have in my fridge that I’ll just pour into some hot water which is a really good night cap. Or if I’m a little hungry I’ll make more of a heavier tonic with herbs and coconut butter to make it a little more thick. I try not to eat before I go to bed because I don’t think it’s good for my digestion. And then I try and drink water mostly.”


Jessie: “I have been drinking this wonderful tea called “Mother’s Milk” that is supposed to be good for breastfeeding moms. I add a little milk and honey and its really delicious. I also always have a piece of dark chocolate after dinner.”



Tara: “I pretty much wear a robe to bed. I love Helena Quin makes these amazing silk robes. And then I was recently introduced to this kimono line called Sunday Forever.”


Jessie: “I wear a soft, long Sunday Forever kimono until bedtime and then I sleep in my birthday suit.”



Tara: “I’m reading like four books right now. I honestly don’t like to watch TV that much. But I’m currently reading this really good book called The Clasp by Sloane Crosley. I’m also reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson, and it’s pretty good. I’m also reading this book called the Crystal Grids Power by Ethan Lazzerini.”


Jessie: “My husband and I lay in bed looking at Redfin and Zillow, scoping out our dream homes in about 10 different cities. What, you don’t do that too? But I’m also reading a pretty freaky book about the future of humans and AI called Our Final Invention by James Barrat.”

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