Night Rituals: Baiser Beauty’s María Copello and Erika Arguello

by Courtney Conway May 20, 2018
ReadNight Rituals: Baiser Beauty’s María Copello and Erika Arguello

As vital to our wellness as eating right, a good night’s sleep can be frustratingly elusive in modern life. Our Night Rituals series introduces you to women we find inspiring and how they power down before bedtime. Hope you find some tips and tricks for sleeping tight.



Maria and Erika, Founders of Baiser Beauty


The duo behind Baiser Beauty, María Copello and Erika Arguello, have their night routines down pat. Both are big on natural remedies like aromatherapy, crystals, meditation, and calming music—fitting, since their brand Baiser Beauty, was inspired by Mayan philosophy. According to the Mayans, in order to manifest true beauty, you must have a balance between your body, mind and spirit. Sounds pretty ideal, right? So if you’re feeling like you’ve been lacking in the relaxation department, these ladies have got you covered. (Have you ever heard of liquid mind music?!)



Maria: “I can’t go to bed without washing my face or putting moisturizer on, so I use our Pure Face Oil Cleanse which is half witch hazel and half a blend of essential oils. Then I use our anti-aging serum as a moisturizer—the aromatherapy it has is very soothing and relaxing. But that’s basically it… The beauty industry always portrays this stereotype of how beauty should be, and how women should put a million layers of makeup and chemicals to look good. We truly want to empower people, especially women, to just go back to basics and start treating your skin and your soul with these skincare products we created.”


The beauty industry always portrays this stereotype of how beauty should be, and how women should put a million layers of makeup and chemicals to look good.



Maria: “Our anti-aging serum has lavender, which helps with calming, relaxation, and connecting you to your higher spirits. It instantly makes you feel at peace and balanced. It also has frankincense, which is the wisdom of the universe, and every time you put it on, you feel a sense of relief and relaxation. Macadamia oil is also great for your face and is a great way to help treat your skin. As for incense, I usually get them at the farmer’s market. And for candles, the Casa candle from Apothia smells amazing. We love using American-made brands, and I love that these candles are soy-based.”


Erika: “We sell these mists that are infused with crystals. My go-to is the lavender healing mist, which I spray on my pillow and around my room to create a calming atmosphere before I go to sleep. I’ve been using it a lot with our rose mist and the rose essential oil. It’s so relaxing and the rose essential oil works with the heart chakra, so it works with conditional love energy, which is always nice to help with sleep—you feel like you’re just vibrating with that energy.”


Before-bed ritual

Maria: “Grabbing a book in bed ensures that you’ll be snoozing away in less than 20 minutes. I also like to light a candle before going to bed, so when I step into my room it feels super cozy and comfortable. Also tea really helps you relax before going to sleep. I like plain chamomile tea. It’ll make you very relaxed and calm. The one I like is called the Traditional Medicinal Organic Chamomile with Lavender Herbal.


I always put [on] liquid mind music or music that will start making me relax half an hour before I go to sleep. You can find very long playlists on YouTube, Pandora, or Spotify. One spiritual healer thing is listening to natural sounds—waves, rain sounds, frog sounds—[that] are really good for relaxing and disconnecting from your mind. It could be a great thing for people to try.”



Erika: “I feel like meditation is the basis for a conscious lifestyle. Start by meditating in the morning and then meditating before bed. Start with a guided meditation on YouTube and find one that you feel very comfortable with and keep practicing meditation and that will completely change your life and make it very positive.”


Maria: “Sometimes people think you need to spend half an hour, not moving and just breathing, but you can start by just doing breathing exercises for two minutes before going to sleep. Breathing exercises help to relax you, and it’s very positive to send oxygen to your brain. You don’t have to start with half an hour, you can just do a few breathing exercises and that’s also considered meditation. We love Ask Angels on YouTube. She has beautiful meditations. We also sell meditations through our foundation, so you can also find them on our website. They’re very short, and there are three different ones, whether you’re looking for positive affirmation or stress-relief meditation. They’re quick and effective.”


Bedside table

Erika: “I always have an amethyst quartz besides my bed because it helps with protection and absorbs all the negativity. It protects you and repels the bad energy that maybe you’ve absorbed, so it’s always good to have around your bedroom. I’m also reading a book called God Wears Lipstick. It’s a Kabbalistic book from Karen Berg—it’s actually such a good book, even if you don’t do Kabbalah.”



Maria: “There’s a brand based in San Francisco that does intimates, but they also have a line of pajamas called Somi Apparel. We’re obsessed, and we became friends with the designer at West Coast Craft. Her clothes are so dreamy and the way she makes them is just incredible.”

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