The Beauty Products Our Team Can’t Live Without

by The Good Guide October 18, 2017
ReadThe Beauty Products Our Team Can’t Live Without Photo by Mada Refujio

Here’s the thing—there are a lot of beauty products to sift through on AHAlife. We’re talking thousands. And though we vet each and every one of our brands, hey, you only have one face. So to help you find what you’re looking for, we rounded up the beauty products our team is obsessed with now.


If you’re dealing with a skin emergency

“Seduced by the promise of eternal youth, I recently started using a heavy-hitting retinol. Unfortunately, it cause my sensitive skin to breakout into little red bumps and rashes while also making it super dry and flaky. Not pretty! After learning from my dermatologist that this was due to over-exfoliating (a pretty widespread problem, apparently), I had to quit all chemical and physical exfoliators and instead focus on healing. My dermatologist told me it would take weeks for my skin to get back to normal, but it calmed down in barely a week thanks to this super-nourishing aloe ferox facial gel. Aloe ferox is packed with way more nutrients than aloe vera, and this serum is really lightweight but impressively hydrating. A must for when your skin is feeling irritated!” — Amber, Marketing


If you’re into sheet masks

“I’m Korean, so facial sheet masks have been part of my skincare routine before it was a thing here. (We Koreans take our skincare very seriously.) What I’m saying is, when it comes to sheet masks, I’m Shania Twain and that don’t impress me much. But here I am, shouting from the rooftop that Florapy’s sweet-smelling aromatherapy sheet masks are truly impressive. Unlike a lot of masks that just slowly slip off your face, Florapy’s 100% coconut fiber hugs your face like a soothing second layer of skin,  The natural ingredients are amazingly hydrating, too—your skin just feels rebirthed and glowy the day after.” — Koun, Editorial


If you have sensitive skin but need to exfoliate

“Pretty much everyone at AHAlife is crazy about Immunocologie’s products—they’re just so good and work on so many different skin types. As someone with pretty sensitive skin, I’ve always been a little scared of chemical exfoliation (even though I know it’s usually gentler on your skin!). Immunocologie’s exfoliating lotion changed everything for me. It goes on like a lightweight lotion and gently dissolves away dead skin cells and keeps my pores from getting clogged. When I leave it on overnight, my skin looks noticeably brighter the next day.” — Soraya, Accounting


If you love French-girl beauty secrets

“I’m stocking up on my ride-or-die hair and skin oil: Leonor Greyl Paris Huile Secret de Beaute. Not only does it smell like paradise (lemongrass and tiare flowers), it actually works really, really well as a multipurpose moisturizer. It gives your skin a beautiful sheen and glow. For my hair, I like running a few drops through the ends of it while it’s still damp so that it air-dries smooth and soft. It’s just one of those products that’s iconic for a reason.” — Katie, Editorial



If you want a lightweight facial oil

“The Leland Francis Luxe Face Oil is the perfect face oil for anyone who’s felt iffy about introducing more oil to his or her routine (read: kinda oily, acne-prone skin). It sinks into my skin quickly without leaving behind a greasy film. Apparently that’s because it’s a dry oil, meaning it’s lightweight and absorbs easily into the skin. I love the tried-and-true ingredients—all 16 of them!—that do everything from stimulating collagen to fading away scars. The little bottle will last you a long time, too. Several weeks later, I’ve barely used a noticeable amount, and my skin has never felt softer.” — Alexia, Editorial



If you want to grow back over-plucked brows

“My brows have never really been able to recover after years of over plucking (darn you, ‘90s!). Luckily, I found my solution in this little black bottle of magic—celebrity brow guru Tonya Crooks’ Second Chance eyebrow serum. The round brush vibrates at three speeds to increase circulation and hits your sparse brows with a one-of-a-kind serum that grows, conditions, and strengthens your strands. I’ve been using it for a while now, and it seriously works.” — Emma, Concierge



If your hair is feeling a little dull and dry

“I have color-processed hair that gets dry and dull easily, and the one thing that’s always worked is coconut oil. It’s definitely not a perfect system, though. A little too much, and your hair ends up greasy for days. You’re also just a spill away from a slippery mess in the shower. So after a little research (and a tip from my hairdresser), I landed on Gloss Moderne‘s coconut oil-based hair care system. After just one wash and treatment, I noticed that my hair was glossier, bouncier, and brighter. It was like this brought it to life! My favorite, if I had to choose, is the Clean Luxury Masque. It’s incredible! It keeps my hair beautifully shiny and soft with zero frizz—even after color treatments.” — Namie, Design


If you want to care for your hair down there

“I first heard of Fur Oil through Emma Watson’s interview on Into The Gloss and was obviously super intrigued—who even knew oil for your nether regions was a thing? It’s actually surprisingly useful, and I like to use it after I shave to help get rid of any red bumps or ingrown hairs. It works like a charm! It absorbs quickly and isn’t greasy in the slightest, so you don’t even notice you put it on. It also has a lot of great ingredients, so you can pretty much use it all over, and it smells like lemon, which is another major plus!” — Courtney, Editorial


Have you ever tried any of these cult-favorites? Let us know your thoughts below!

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