Ask Jeannine: How Can I Stop Being So Tired?

by Jeannine Morris October 09, 2017
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It seems like every day around 3pm, I hit a wall and crash—no matter how much sleep I got the day before! Is there anything I can do to prevent this? — Casey



That mid-afternoon slump affects nearly everyone I know! I used to drink coffee myself and felt the same way, but have learned how to beat it more holistically. In order to maintain your energy throughout the day, make sure you’re eating well-balanced meals that include a combination of vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fat.


If you still feel a bit sluggish around 3pm, try skipping the caffeine and opt for an alternative pick-me-up, like taking a walk outside, desk-side yoga (trust me, no one will think you’re strange) or a brief meditation. Unlike caffeine, which acts as a temporary stimulant, these energy-boosting alternatives will help to reboot your system and sustain your energy for the rest of the day.


Step Outside

Step away from your desk and go outside. No matter what the season or weather, fresh air can help boost alertness.


Take A Meditation Break

Whether you’re a regular practitioner or have never meditated a day in your life, trust me on this, try it. Not only does meditation help to reduce stress, but it also releases energy-boosting endorphins. I wrote about an easy breathing meditation that can be done anywhere, anytime. I often close my eyes and meditate on the subway and find that not only am I less anxious afterwards, but I also have a new sense of clarity and alertness.


Get Your Yoga On

Yoga is my answer for almost everything! But did you know that simple backbends like cat/cow or camel pose help to stimulate your nervous system and energize your body and mind. If you’re hunched over a computer all day, simply take a few minutes at your desk to do a seated cat/cow. Start with these energy-boosting yoga poses to get involved without looking crazy at work.


Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, but if you’re eating well-balanced meals and try a mix of these holistic options, I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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