Meet Jeannine: The Beauty and Wellness Expert Here to Answer Your Questions

by The Good Guide August 28, 2017
ReadMeet Jeannine: The Beauty and Wellness Expert Here to Answer Your Questions

Not everyone has a beauty and wellness expert on speed dial who has all the answers to life’s very important questions—i.e., which fine line-erasing ingredients actually work? what can I do about dry, flaky patches? etc. etc. Lucky for you, we do! Meet Jeannine Morris, TV host, journalist, yogi, and all-around inspiring woman. You might have seen her reporting on beauty trends on the Today Show or E! (no big deal) or read her work in Allure or Harper’s Bazaar (again, no big deal). Now, she’s our friendly beauty and wellness expert here to impart her wisdom on us all. But before Jeannine gets to answering your questions, we had her answer some of our own, so you could get to know her a little better.


What are some beauty and wellness trends you’re excited by?


I’m excited by the fact that the beauty industry has fully embraced wellness throughout the past few years. Products are becoming cleaner, and there’s a huge shift towards the message of empowerment. While this began as a trend, it’s here to stay and only going to become more intertwined.


Some of my favorite beauty trends of the moment are wine-stained lips (It’s all I ever wear, so I’m happy it’s a trend!), full brows (I’m super type A about mine), and sheet masks (skincare is my passion in beauty). In wellness, I’m excited to see people seeking out mindfulness and embracing meditation. These tools started out as trends, but I believe they’ll soon become the norm. In a society that’s so socially connected, it’s important to find the time to connect with ourselves.


What are you reading now?


Wonderful Tonight by Pattie Boyd


What are you listening to now?


I just became hooked on the Tony Robbins podcast. Besides that, Alexa is always playing the Dave Matthews Band, The Killers or Pearl Jam.



Watch the world go by and enjoy Brunch with us, Al Fresco. (📷: @travel.hunter )

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Favorite spots to eat and drink in NYC?


In NYC, my favorite restaurants include Palma, Chalk Point Kitchen, By Chloe, Jack’s Wife Freda, The Butcher’s Daughter, Emporio, and Aria. I also frequent Juice Press, Organic Avenue and Chloe’s Soft Serve for vegan ice cream.


Your favorite under-the-radar beauty products? 


Good question! I was introduced to Danessa Myricks Illuminators on a shoot once by my makeup artist and have been coveting them ever since. I also love an all-natural skincare brand called Laurel. Their Honey Berry Enzyme Mask is heavenly.


What’s your favorite easy home meal?


I don’t cook much, but make great smoothies and acai bowls. For an acai bowl, I blend frozen, unsweetened acai with almond butter, and top it with bee pollen, goji berries, bananas and cacao nibs. It’s delicious.


The best destination you’ve ever been to?

My favorite place to travel with my husband is a toss up between Capri, Italy and the British Virgin Islands.


What would be your last meal?


The Millie pie from Lombardi Pizza Co. in New Jersey.


Favorite workout?


I live for yoga! It’s truly the dance of my soul. I teach and practice as often as I can.


For a happy mind you…


Meditate and practice yoga.


For glowing skin you…


I’ll do almost anything! But weekly, I wear SPF, exfoliate and experiment with brightening face masks. A little self tanner never hurt either.


Ready to start asking Jeannine questions on wellness and beauty? Ask away below or email them to us at She’ll be answering them in her column Ask Jeannine. 

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