How to Start Incorporating Crystals Into Your Life

by Bailey Swilley June 16, 2017
ReadHow to Start Incorporating Crystals Into Your Life

By now, you’ve probably heard about crystal healing, the New Age-y practice of using semi-precious stones to help balance your energy. Whether the vibrations from crystals actually affect you or you’re experiencing a powerful placebo effect, crystal healing can be a profound addition to your life. Gem collector, creator, jewelry designer, and very-rad-human Gia Bahm of Unearthen first fell in love with gems and stones when she visited Astro Gallery of Gems in New York. “The fact that the earth can powerfully create these relics just was next level to me,” she says. Interested in picking up some crystals of your own? Here’s how she suggests getting started.


Browse in a shop near you.

Familiarize yourself with gems, so you can decide what you’re drawn to. “Once there, take everything in, and let yourself pick up what feels good and right to you. That’s the best way to start.”


Wear them!

Besides the fact that they’re gorgeous, Bahm says wearing crystals as jewelry is a way to keep something close to you and keep your focus on manifesting your life into what you want it to be. Your necklace could be a tool for positivity in your journey.


Not into jewelry? Just keep ‘em close.

Put them anywhere! (Suggestions: on your nightstand, in the bathroom, on a windowsill, in the car, in your garden, etc. etc.) Bahm suggests placing them in spaces where you spend your “important time,” so you can focus on them and what they represent to you. “Carry them in your pockets. People come up to me all the time and reach into their pockets and say, ‘Look what I’ve got with me!’ The look of happiness and excitement on their face is the best—it’s proof that having a small reminder with you is such great support.”


I hope that everyone can feel that they have the ability to change whatever it is they want [and] become the people that they want to be


Let yourself be inspired.

Bahm sees her jewelry as a way to bring beauty and inspiration into the world. “I hope that everyone can feel that they have the ability to change whatever it is they want, become the people that they want to be, and see that they were able to make that happen for themselves.”


Image courtesy of Unearthen


Find the stone for you.

There’s a different stone for every need and personality type, so it’s important to find the one that’s right for you. Gia walked us through her stone recommendations below.


  • Feeling anxious and worrisome? Try howlite to stress less. This cauliflower-like rock increases awareness and decreases a critical state of mind and is good for anxiety disorders.


  • Having some bad luck in the romance department? Use pink tourmaline to welcome new people and experiences into your life. This millennial pink beauty channels creativity, attracts inspiration, and promotes peace.


  • Are you a power player trying to climb the career ladder? Titanium quartz aka the uplifter looks like something from a Lady Gaga video in 2010, which is why we kind of love it! This chrome-like gem promotes focus, confidence, fun, and readiness to take on whatever life throws your way.


  • Lonely or wanting to pump up your social life? Malachite is the transformer. This gem is straight out of “Emerald City” and helps you navigate changes in your life, such as making new friends. If you’re going through rebirth and renewal, this is the stone for you. It’s also said to enhance the immune system, so keep it with you during flu and cold season (or when you’re around large crowds of people)!


  • Feeling blue? Apatite is another uplifter. It can help you with self-love, inspiration, and even mental clarity. Fun fact: strangely enough, they say apatite can even help suppress your appetite.


  • Bored with your relationship? Lithium Quartz is a soother. It also enhances intimacy, passion, and removes negative energy—all qualities that come in handy when you’ve been with your honey for a while.


Want more information about crystals? We’re big fans of Unearthen’s super-informative and interesting stone guide.


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