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Tamara Bowens

About Tamara Bowens

Fashion and art often circle each other, but they rarely meet. In BowensBergeron hand-carved wood clutches they don’t just come together, they soar. Beautifully crafted from exotic African zebrawood, these stunning limited edition handbags are a purchase that you’ll treasure for years to come.

The handbags are created by designer Tamara Bowens, an art collector, fashion lover and business executive, and Ray Bergeron, a custom furniture designer and millwork veteran. The pair met when they worked together on an interior design project. Thrilled at the idea of combining their skills and interests, they launched BowensBergeron.

The handbags are crafted from wood that’s sourced either from remnants from larger projects or from managed forests to ensure that minimum damage is done to the environment. Each handbag is meticulously made by hand in the BowensBergeron workshop in Atlanta, using special joinery techniques and finishes that give it sheen and protection from the elements. “We showcase the natural grain, color, and texture of each chosen wood, thereby creating true works of art that are fashionable, functional and visually stunning,” says Bowens. 

We’re offering two styles: the Sophisticate, a clean-lined design that is a perfect foil for the unique beauty of zebrawood, and the Connoisseur, which has a faceted exterior that plays up the warm and tactile nature of the wood. Both have magnetic closures and are lined in regal purple eco-chic recycled polyester that looks and feels like rich suede. Light but durable, they’re big enough to hold the handbag essentials of keys, smart phones, lipstick and credit cards.

To keep the value of this purchase high, BowensBergeron is producing only 25 of each style, and each piece is signed and numbered. So if you’re interested in one of these handbags, we suggest you act quickly. For anyone who’s still shopping for Mother’s Day (it’s on Sunday, remember), we have both styles available immediately and can arrange for expedited shipping.

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