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At the moment you’re born, the planets are in a unique position in the sky—what astrologers call a star chart. Now imagine if that chart could be translated into a piece of art, one that would be completely unique to each person on earth. Cool, right? That’s what Tom McFarlan has done with his StarArc astrological portraits.

McFarlan takes the details you send him—namely the time and location of your birth—and turns them in a sleek graphic print that’s both astrologically accurate and artistically one of a kind. To ensure that each chart contains the most precise astrological information possible, McFarlan uses AstroGraph Software from the legendary astrologer Henry Seltzer. This means that you get state-of-the-art astrological calculations that include aspects for the newly discovered planet Chiron, as well as your mid heaven, ascendant and node points.

Printed with high-resolution, environmentally friendly inks on canvas, they’re available in black, turquoise or violet.Put them in the living room and use them as a conversation starter or personalize your kid’s room with their birth chart (they make great baby presents)—their geometric, contemporary look works in any décor.

McFarlan thoughtfully provides a detailed astrological birth chart with every print that explains the meaning behind the geometric aspects, planets and signs in your chart. So if you’re a Virgo with Virgo rising or your moon is in Sagittarius and have no idea what that means, all will be explained.

“For those with modern taste in design and art, the prints can be appreciated as an intriguing, elegant and unique modern artwork,” says McFarlan. “Even those with no or little interest in astrology can appreciate what the placement of the zodiac signs and geometric aspects say about their personality as a form of primal psychology.” We’re all stars—this explains why.

We offer the prints in two different display options. The basic option features just the canvas, which you will have to frame or mount yourself in order to hang it. The other option is the pricier gallery mount, which features a print with an extra 2 inches on each side, which is then mounted on a 1.5 inch wooden base with a wire for immediate hanging. After you place your order, we will contact you to collect your astrological information.

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