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About SleepyPod

You know the stress you feel when you travel? The tedium, the interminable delays, the rise in blood pressure? Multiply that by 100 for your cat or dog—crammed into a carrier, which may or may not fit under the seat in front of you.

Well, you can jettison those concerns faster than refusing a questionable airline meal: Introducing the Sleepypod, the pet carrier-cum-portable bed that allows both you and the furry object-of-your-affection to travel in style.

The Sleepypod is an ultra-plush bed as well as a carrier, so your pet can traverse in the security of a familiar space—which means no more wrestling with freaked out quadrupeds. The Air model is guaranteed to fit beneath an airline seat, and all versions of the Sleepypod double as a car seat. So Fluffy is comfortable and safe at every stage of your trip. 

Says curator Chris Vazquez, AHAlife’s Web Content Producer, dog lover and owner, “This is a great alternative to the standard hard plastic pet kennels that are found at most pet shops. They are also more comfortable for your pet as they all come with a comfy padded fluffy insert that lines not just the base of the carrier but the walls of the perimeter.”

From the owner/pet-shlepper point of view, the Sleepypod is equally well thought out. It comes with a detachable padded shoulder strap, folds flat for storage, and has removable machine-washable bedding and a water-resistant foam liner. And because we believe pet love is no reason to sacrifice style, we're offering the Sleepypod in a bevy of outfit-flattering colors.

Now if only Sleepypod would make human-size travel pods…

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