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About RF3 LIVE

Between keeping up with your email and drinking enough water, who has time to worry about whether your cell phone is going to give you cancer? With the new RF3 Live headset, you can kiss that particular concern buh-bye.

Why? Here’s a brief science lesson: The concern about cancer and cell phones stems from the fact that cell phones emit radiofrequency and the soft tissues in the brain and head—where you typically hold your phone during use—absorb RF energy. And that’s not good. Cell phones are also a source of electromagnetic fields (EMF), another thing you don’t want near your noggin.

The RF3 Live headset eliminates these risks by blocking both RF energy and EMF. It does this using AirCom technology—i.e. sound delivered through an air tube, much the way a stethoscope works. And this results in natural, balanced audio.

The model was inspired by and designed for curator Joseph Vincent, who knows a thing or two about good sound as one of YouTube's Top 10 Recording Artists of the Year. The RF3 Live builds on the company's original mono technology, but brings the beat to both ears—in stereo—now. So whether you’re rocking out to your favorite ’90s playlist or hashing highlights from the last Harry Potter film with your bestie, everything will come through loud and clear.

One last thing to love: The RF3 Live is made from natural, biodegradable and recycled materials, including wood ear buds (wood is a natural sound conductor) so it has a child-size ecological footprint.

But really, they had us at "cancer-free."

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