• Paige Ralston Fromer

    from Washington, WA

Paige Ralston Fromer

About Paige Ralston Fromer

Argentina produces the finest leather in the world—buttery soft, lightweight and beautifully dyed in vibrant colors. So when Paige Ralston Fromer decided to launch a handbag line, she knew she wanted the bags to be made of Argentine leather.

Her fantastically versatile Parachute bag is our pick from her collection. Roomy yet lightweight, it can hold a day’s worth of stuff without dislocating your shoulder. Thanks to its diagonal zipper, getting in and out of the bag is a snap, even when you’re got a toddler on one hip and a phone pressed against your ear. And the light-colored lining—which is a feature no matter what color you order—makes it easy to locate those items that inevitably fall to the bottom (like the box of raisins that the aforementioned toddler is desperate for).

We also like that the bag has two comfortable shoulder straps long enough (11 inches/27.9 cm) to easily slide on and off your arm and protective metal feet on the bottom. It also features interior pockets for smart phones and other necessities and a key holder.

We’re offering this stylish and practical bag in two finishes and two colors: A woven style in black or tangerine (a shade we love for summer) and a diamond stitched pattern in saddle brown or tangerine.

“I love classic yet practical handbags for everyday wear that have a little pop,” Ralston says. “And all of our handbags are ultra lightweight. Who wants to wear a handbag that’s heavy before putting anything in it?”


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