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Dani Stahl is the style editor-at-large for Nylon magazine and jewelry designer for Lia Sophia. She loves all things stylish and believes clothes are all about how you wear them.

Stahl recently branched out to multi-media projects, freelancing for brands such as Levi's, Bluefly, and J Brand. She was the image and style consultant on E!'s modeling show, "Scouted."


Meet Dani Stahl
Expertise: All things fashionable.
Location: Anywhere the plane will take me. But my heart lives in NYC.
Interests: I'm interested in almost anything-there is so much beauty in the world to be discovered.
Background: New Yorker through and through. All girls school Chapin to NYU. Started in magazines in college - Elle and Vogue - straight to Nylon from there and never left. Red carpet jewelry designer for Lia Sophia. Most recently Fashion & Image consultant on E!'s SCOUTED.


Favorite meal: Spaghetti. Yum.


Recent purchase: Orange Balenciaga leather moto jacket. #obsessed


Hidden talent: If I told you it wouldn't be hidden...


Book/film recommendation: Book: Power of Now (a concept I struggle with endlessly and have therefore been reading the book for years..) Movie: I recently re-watched Lost Highway-cool spooky David Lynch flick. Balthazar Getty was so hot in that. SICKEST soundtrack. Marylyn Manson...Smashing Pumpkins...Check it.


Restaurant recommendation (can be anywhere in the world): Lately I'm always at Niko in Soho - NYC. Great menu. They even have their own fragrance created by 12.29 - chic. 

If I had $20, I'd...Get a manicure.


Transformative travel experience: Tulum is my happy place. Amansala is my spot. Bikini bootcamp is my program there. Daniel is the healer. I've been several times over the years-a couple by myself. It's where I think of when I feel down.


Favorite neighborhood (can be anywhere in the world): My neighborhood. Upper east side NYC. Very Gossip Girl of me i know, but it's true and I'm proud of it!


Dream holiday: See transformative travel experience. Although I love to travel. Off to Turkey in May and FREAKING OUT EXCITED.


If I could solve one problem, it would be: My anxiety.


I wish people cared more about: Each other.


Recent aha! moment: Meeting Deepak Chopra.


The world would be a better place if: Everyone would be nicer to each other. Yes-what I'm getting at is so chiche, but I'm sticking with peace.

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