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Name: Maia McDonald
Expertise: Art Director, visual curator, social media expert and local expert
Location: Oakland, CA

Favorite meal: Fish tacos from Cholita Linda at the Jack London Square Farmers’ Market.
Recent purchase: Most of my recent purchases have been for my upcoming wedding.

Background: Graphic Designer

Hidden talent: It's not that hidden, but I'm a really good cook.

Restaurant recommendation: I love Plum in Oakland, Wo Hing General store in the Mission in San Francisco and Miette Bakery for an after dinner cupcake or macaroon.

If I had $20, I?d... spend it on fresh produce at the Jack London Square Farmers’ Market.

Transformative travel experience: When I was 19 I went to Thailand to teach English. It was the farthest from home I had been at that time without my family and it was one of the most amazing trips I've ever experienced. Not only was it beautiful, but challenging, inspiring and the trip taught me to be more independent.

Favorite neighborhood: Lately I've really been enjoying Old Oakland, it's having quite a renaissance moment.

Dream holiday: Visiting the land of my ancestors in Scandinavia.
If I could solve one problem, it would be: Women's rights around the world. Women are often the threads that tie communities together and if we empower them the possibilities are endless.

I wish people cared more about: The environment.

Recent aha! moment: I need to make more of an effort to unplug from my computer and phone.

The world would be a better place if: People were less judgmental of one another.

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