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As a young boy growing up in Rhode Island, looking out on the extravagant summer cottages of Newport, James Andrew became fascinated with all things concerning home. But it wasn't until he encountered the artful innovation of Parish-Hadley nestled within the pages of his mother’s Vogue that he knew he would one day join the likes of Sister Parish and Albert Hadley, combining "sophisticated elegance” and "timeless charm" to create truly magical spaces. Andrew immersed himself in design working for Ralph Lauren's Home Collection and later joined his beloved Parish-Hadley, before starting his own design business and traveling the globe making the world a prettier place, one room at a time.


Meet James Andrew
Expertise: My expertise is in interior design but my interest extends into all areas of fine design and elevated living in general—in fact, I’ve recently been called an “international arbiter of good taste,” an accolade that I hope I’m living up to.
Location: New York, NY
Interests: Style, decoration, art, film, travel, fashion, and food—all the good things in life! I do spend a great deal of time posting the best of the best on my blog site, What Is James Wearing and now happily on AHAlife!
Background: I grew up in Providence, Rhode Island. I briefly worked in banking but left that world to design for Ralph Lauren and then with the iconic Parish-Hadley. Now I own my own successful design firm, James Andrew Interior Design, Inc.


Favorite meal: A home cooked meal made with fresh, seasonal, organic local ingredients.


Recent purchase: A photograph by the artist Coster Scott.


Hidden talent: I’m a life consultant and confidant/guru extraordinaire.


Book/film recommendation: I Am Love is one of my favorite movies—it brilliantly combines style and substance to make an unforgettable film experience. And it may come as no surprise that Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is one of my all time favorite books.


Restaurant recommendation: La Sponda at the Hotel Sirenuse in Positano, Italy—world class dining in the most spectacular setting.


If I had $20, I’d… Donate it to Mighty Mutts or a similar well-regarded animal rescue organization.


Transformative travel experience: Arriving at the Grand Canal in Venice via an Italian speedboat.


Favorite neighborhood: I’m partial to own my own neighborhood—Murray Hill, New York City.


Dream holiday: A Mediterranean cruise via Wally powerboat might be just the thing.


If I could solve one problem, it would be: Dealing with the rampant self-sabotage I find in so many people I meet—I’d like to help people get in touch with their own divinity.


I wish people cared more about: Each other.


Recent aha! moment: I try to start every day with a big aha!


The world would be a better place if: People focused on the positive rather than the negative.

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