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Name: Ethan Imboden, Founder & Chief Creative of JIMMYJANE
Location: San Francisco, California
Product: Form Vibrator Series, Special Edition Absinthe, Massage Oil Candle and Massage Stones.

“If anything should be beautifully designed, it’s the products that engage our sexuality,” says Ethan Imboden, the founder and chief creative of JIMMYJANE. “In the past, most sexual accessories were conceived as ‘novelties’ and as such were functionally deficient, aesthetically unappealing, made of unsafe materials, and not designed to last. All of this undermines the experience you’re seeking. By contrast, we bring the same standards of design, quality and durability to every JIMMYJANE product that you would expect from the other notable designs in your daily life, from the fashion that Ember you wear to the watch on your wrist and the cell phone in your handbag. Our products prioritize your pleasure over all else, disappearing into the experience when in use so that you’re free to simply enjoy.”

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