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Name: Derek Blasberg
Expertise: Fashion
Location: New York City

Background: Born and raised in Missouri, moved to New York in 2000. Graduated from New York University with a degree in Journalism and Dramatic Literature. Currently an Editor at Large for Harper’s Bazaar and and a Senior Editor at V Magazine and V Man. My first book, CLASSY: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady (Razorbill books), a collection of humorous essays is a New York Times bestseller.

Why did you curate the Visionaire Fairy Tale Collection and what do you love about it? Fairy tales are the first things most kids read, inspiring their little minds and leading them on journeys through their imaginations. I don't know if I would like books so much today if my parents didn't have such good taste in fairy tales! This Visionaire is a mixture of those early literary memories and the modern brilliance of the contemporary artists who created them.

Favorite meal: Breakfast.

Recent purchase: Lots of plane tickets.

Hidden talent: I’m a proficient water skier.

Book/Film recommendation: Films: Unzipped, Madonna's Truth or Dare.

Restaurant recommendation: The Wolseley in London.

Transformative travel experience: The discovery of airport lounges.

Favorite neighborhood: SoHo

Dream holiday: Hillsboro, Missouri.

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