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Title: Founder and Owner of Glassybaby
Location: Seattle
Product: Glassybaby

What was your vision when you launched your company?
I founded Glassybaby during my third battle with cancer. I was raising three very young children and searching for peace and calm when I first dropped a tea light into a handblown, colorful, glass votive. I found great hope and healing in the light and wanted to spread that to others.

What inspired you to create the Glassybaby Votives?
I met many patients in chemo rooms who could not afford day-to-day costs like groceries and bus fare during treatment, the costs that health insurance doesn't cover. From the beginning, Glassybaby had the mission to donate money from sales to help patients with those costs, so they could find healing.

How would you describe your aesthetic?
Glassybaby are simple with a unique shape. Each glassybaby consists of three layers of glass — one layer of color surrounded by two clear layers. Glassybaby have a distinctive, curved shape with a thick, clear base.
What makes Glassybaby votives different from other votives and candles?
Glassybaby are handmade from start to finish by talented glass artists at a Seattle studio. It takes four glassblowers — from our team of 70 — to create just one unique, handmade glassybaby. The skillful work that goes into creating these one-of-a-kind pieces is detailed, precise, and takes a lot of care.

What percentage of proceeds is given to charity?
Goodwill is a foundation created by Glassybaby. We donate 10% of gross sales, not profits, to charities ($4 from each $40 glassybaby).

What particular charity or charities do these donations benefit?
Glassybaby has donated almost $600,000 from sales to charities dedicated to healing, quality of life, and helping cancer patients with day to day costs like groceries while they are in treatment. Some of our charity partners include Memorial Sloan-Kettering, Gilda’s Club New York City, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, The Humane Society and Conservation International.

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