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Fashion designer Jenni Kayne launched her namesake line in 2003. She quickly established her signature look -- a refined, subtle interpretation of classic American sportswear that draws on her California upbringing and uncomplicated design sensibility.


Kayne’s interest in fashion was evident from an early in life; at age eight, she announced that she wanted to be a designer. After attending the Otis College of Art and Design for two semesters, she became a buyer for a Santa Monica boutique at the age of eighteen. In this position, she traveled to Europe and gained first-hand knowledge of everything from artisanal handicrafts to production techniques. The experience helped her to launch her own line at Los Angeles fashion week just a year later. She began showing at New York Fashion Week in 2005, and was inducted into the CFDA three years later. In 2007, Kayne opened her first shop in West Hollywood. 


Meet Jenni Kayne
Expertise: Living well
Location: Los Angeles
Interests: Baking, horseback riding, interior design
Background: Fashion


Why did you curate this product? Cara is an innovator, a first, and I respect her as an artist as much as I do a designer.


Favorite meal: Truffle pizza with a side of brussels sprouts, cauliflower and salted caramel for desert (true, even when I am not five months pregnant).


Book/film recommendation: The China Study. I am reading it now and I would recommend it to anyone interested in better living through good nutrition. 


Restaurant recommendation: Elf in Silver Lake, Los Angeles.


If I had $20, I’d… : Buy a bundle of peonies.


Transformative travel experience: Any trip spent with my husband, Richard, and son, Tanner.


Favorite neighborhood: Los Olivos, Santa Barbara County, California.


Dream holiday: Summertime trip with my entire family to Forte Dei Marmi, Italy.


If I could solve one problem, it would be: Cancer.


I wish people cared more about: The food we put in our bodies.

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