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Expertise: Staying on a progressive continuum.
Location: New York and London

Products: James Banks jewelry; H by Harris quilted laptop cover; Wordless Paper Wrapping PaperGoods for Good Holiday Cards

Interests: Stories of triumph, innovative design, new technologies, emerging markets and media, forward-thinking fashion, invigorating yoga, global travel, intense tennis matches, etc.

Background: Asian by form (I was born in the Philippines) and American by function (I grew up in New York), with subtle European flourishes (I've lived in Paris and now partly in London). I'm a journalist, consultant and entrepreneur operating in the nexus of the digital, fashion and retail worlds. I'm also working on an online portal to empower consumer creativity.

Favorite meal: The one eaten after being famished for hours consistently feels so good.

Hidden talent: I have the Greek alphabet memorized and I can recite it like an overeager 10-year-old.

Book/film recommendation: Enders Game by Orson Scott Card was one of my favorite books as an adolescent and recently, I've been hankering to read it again. Wong Kar Wai's movies have been on my mind lately, especially Chungking Express and Happy Together.

Restaurant recommendation: Ushiwakamaru in New York—the simple menu packs a punch.

If I had $20 I’d... Take a yoga class with Dharma Mittra.

Transformative travel experience: When I went to Angkor Wat I met a young Cambodian and a group of monks who—through conversation while watching the sun set from a majestic ancient temple—taught me to keep life as simple as possible.

Favorite neighborhood: Anywhere really, as long as there's a chance for me to make a discovery. I love New York neighborhoods, Shoreditch in London, San Li Tun in Beijing, Marais in Paris, Palermo in Buenos Aires.

Dream holiday: A desolate island in Palawan with a white sand beach and pristine waters.

If I could solve one problem, it would be: I'd like to help people see more in themselves.

I wish people cared more about: Making a positive impact.

Recent aha! moment: At the point of near collapse in a Bikram yoga class, a teacher said: "Worrying is praying for something you don't want to happen." While the saying didn't quite work to overcome fatigue at that desperate moment, it's been helpful to harness productive thoughts.

The world would be a better place if: Everyone stayed infinitely curious and open-minded.

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