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Name: Greg Seider
Expertise: Alchemy of flavor combinations
Location: New York City (The Summit Bar)

Greg Seider is the bartender’s equivalent of an iron chef. Or perhaps Frank Lloyd Wright. This talented cocktail architect constructs intricate and innovative compositions that combine bold flavor, top ingredients and inspiring concepts. No wonder he has devotees from all over the world flock to The Summit, the highly acclaimed “anti-cocktail” bar he co-owns in New York.

What do you do? 
Many people would use the term ‘mixologist’, to describe my job, but I don’t feel like it applies to me. What I do is a sort of hybrid of the culinary and cocktail arts. I have a background as a chef and my cocktails are inspired by fine dining and created as an integrated part of a great meal. Cocktail hour is the prelude to a dinner. I get inspiration from my friends who are chefs and I translate the ingredients that they use for cooking into flavors for a cocktail. For example, a chef friend introduced me to smoked cinnamon, and that inspired me to infuse that flavor into bourbon and make a gingerbread Old-fashioned.

Inspired Travel adventures/ Natural Healing/ Sustainable living/ love

Background: Russian Irish Italian / German

Favorite meal:
Fried Clam Belly's @ Flo's Newport Rhode Island

Recent purchase: Living Clay; Use it as miracle cure for anything

Hidden talent:  Ice cream Maker

Book/film recommendation: "Surely Your Joking , Mr. Fenynman"/ Zeitgeist

Restaurant recommendation: Cal Pep, Barcelona

If I had $20, I’d…  Get a couple gallons of gas, bait and go fishing

Transformative travel experience:  South Africa

Favorite neighborhood: El Born, Barcelona

Dream holiday: Any amazing travel and eating adventures with my crew

If I could solve one problem, it would be: lack of respect towards each other and the planet

I wish people cared more about: How important their negative actions affect everything single thing else

Recent big aha!: Remembering my grandmother's recipe for German Potato Salad

The world would be a better place if: We could start from scratch

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