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Name: Rachel Convers
Location: Fontaine, France
Product: Animal Trays, Hidden Bookshelves

Rachel Convers, the artistic director of ibride, has the good fortune to live in the French countryside, which is the inspiration for her delightful and highly decorative anthropomorphic trays and hidden bookshelves. “I want to give another dimension to the trays when they are not used for their original serving function,” she says. “Instead of putting them away, I want to emphasize their ornamental potential.”

Can you describe your creative process?
Small pieces of images that overlap. I store, I stack, I cut. It’s a real bric-a-brac of memories, valueless treasures, and things I like.

What do you love about what you do?
Everything! I love to invent worlds and impossible creatures. I love to track down a lizard or an ant with my camera; I love to borrow the painterly codes of classical painting; I love hanging around the workshop to do some trials on the machines; I love the idea that these parcels are dispatched all over the world.

How would you sum up your aesthetic/design philosophy?
I’ve always felt some sort of dissatisfaction, even as child, because I felt I had so little hold on what surrounded us. I used to dream of having the power to change things that are put at our disposal in children’s books. Such dreams tend to die away when one grows up. It’s my way of struggling against stillness and fixedness. Working on a color, for instance, to the point of creating another one, gives me a feeling of power on matter! I allow myself the amazing ability to change and improve what seems unchangeable, to the point where I give birth to new realities.

What are you working on next?
A new series inside the existing collections and new collections. Though it’s secret for now, it will be presented during the next Maison & Objet fair in Paris in September 2011. New projects are always exciting!

What would you like to do other than your current occupation?
My current occupation takes so many different forms that I can’t get bored! Even when I’m on holiday, my work is with me, in all my journeys, all my discoveries.

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