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Name: Anne Line Hansen
Independent strategic advisor for fashion & lifestyle. Previously headed brands such as Roger Vivier, Chanel, Armani.?
Fashion, design, architecture, art.
Twenty years in senior management roles in various fashion houses.

Why did you curate the Valencia candle holders? The Valencia line by Jaime Hayon is what I'd call a "new classic" and a chic alternative for the dinner table. I always have candles in my house, regardless of the season, I'm like a plant, I die without light; an eternal flame symbolizes life.

Why did you curate the Gaia & Gino puzzle paperweight?
I love G&G's way of using traditional materials, such as crystal, in a super modern way. The Puzzle Cube is a stellar design object, with a childhood memory attached to it - who didn't have a plastic version of this puzzle growing up? This is the version for grown-ups.

Why did you curate the Soaps on a rope & Hammam Gift Set?
I chose it because of its unique elements and the smell of the mystical and soothing fragrances of a beautiful Mediterranean voyage.

Why did you curate the Zoo Uniform panties? I find Zoo Uniform's general concept of creative and innovative animal prints absolutely captivating. The idea is fresh, bold, and the trendy crowd in Paris has embraced the unisex range with great enthusiasm. Another reason why I curated Zoo is their commitment to saving animals and especially endangered species through WWF. Zoo Uniform is happy to customize items and are welcoming collaborations with artists around the globe. I'd love to see the global youth wearing these cute panties and t-shirts on the beach or in the city thi summer.

Favorite meal: Any aspect of Japanese cuisine.

Recent purchase: A Chilewich doormat from Zero One One in Paris.

Hidden talent: Getting people on the same page.

Book/Film recommendation: The End of Manners by Francesca Marciano, a beautiful tale of human destinies in war-torn Afghanistan.

Restaurant recommendation: Le Grand Véfour in Paris—a real treat for a very special occasion.

If I had $20, I’d… Give it to furthering education in underprivileged countries.

Transformative travel experience: My first trip to Kyoto visiting temples and Zen gardens. I cried at the sheer calmness and beauty of the Zen gardens.

Favorite neighborhood: It would have to be the 1st arrondissement in Paris; it’s so full of history and cultural variety.

Dream holiday: Anywhere on a boat surrounded by loved ones.

If I could solve one problem, it would be: Increasing tolerance levels globally.

I wish people cared more about: Each other.

Recent aha! moment: Admiring Bulgari jewels made for movie stars at Le Grand Palais—it made me feel like a 5 year-old girl!

The world would be a better place if: People's minds showed more tolerance.


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