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  • Megan Collins
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Location: Brooklyn, NY
Expertise: Writer, men’s style enthusiast and Editor-in-Chief of
Background: Wisconsin native, New Yorker by way of Pennsylvania

Why did you curate Construction for Change?
I’m lucky to have friends who are such good people, because they introduce me to amazing organizations like Construction for Change! CfC partners with non-profits around the world, providing them with badly needed infrastructure (think hospitals, schools and roads), which allows the organizations to stay focused on their charitable missions. CfC knows that the charities providing economic, medical and educational support in developing countries have bigger things to worry about than paving their own roads and constructing their own buildings. So CfC does it for them.

Recent purchase: Burkman Bros friendship bracelets

Film/Book Recommendation: Style and the Man by Alan Flusser

Favorite meal: Friday night fish fry at the Avenue Bar in Madison, Wisconsin (it’s a Midwest thing)

Restaurant recommendation: Sel de Mer in Brooklyn

Favorite neighborhood: My own! Greenpoint in Brooklyn

Transformative travel experience: Meeting my niece for the first time in Washington, DC

Hidden talent: I think I’m a pretty good rapper when I’m doing karaoke…

If I could solve one problem, it would be: Fixing our increasingly broken education system.

I wish people cared more about: Other people

If I had $20, I’d… Probably lose it. I never carry cash.

My recent big aha!: That oftentimes, charities can best be served by relieving them of the administrative and financial burdens associated with its infrastructure.

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