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Name: Jennifer Margolin
Expertise: Fashion, Lifestyle, Stylist, and Luxury Brand Consultant
Location: San Francisco, but travel all over for work

Interests: Christian Louboutin (slightly addicted!), fashion, travel, cooking, books

Background: I am a fashion stylist & creative consultant, specializing in styling, wardrobe refinement & management, trend forecasting and luxury branding. My life-long love affair with fashion began when I opened my first copy of Vogue while still in elementary school.  Since then, my passion to find new trends and designers – and a self-proclaimed addiction to shoes – has only grown. Never met a pair of red soles I didn’t love! I am founder and creator of, a fashion website offering the latest fashion news and styling tips. 

Why did you curate Falling Whistles and what do you love about it?
I was introduced to Falling Whistles through a friend over 2 years ago.  It immediately hit home with me as my husband and I visited Uganda and we were by the Congo boarder.  We experienced wanting to help with the devastation there but just giving money was not the answer.  I was so happy to see Falling Whistles making a change by having a team facilitating on the ground.  I finally met Sean Carasso last year.  I was so excited to meet him in person and when we finally met my emotions got the best of me and I just started crying.  (I don’t usually cry in public) Sean and his team are amazing and they just care about the next person and want to make a change.  I love the necklaces because they are stylish conversation pieces and that’s how change starts…through conversation.

Favorite meal:
Duck pate on French baguette.

Recent purchase:
Proenza Schouler PS1 handbag in yellow.

Hidden talent: I am a speed reader.

Book/film recommendation:  Breakfast at Tiffanys.  Is there a better movie?

Restaurant recommendation: French Laundry, it’s beyond amazing.

If I had $20, I’d… Buy a bouquet of Peonies  

Transformative travel experience: When my husband & I sold our house put everything in storage and traveled around the world for 2 years.  We experienced so much and saw how most people in the world really live.  It’s hard to explain the majestic sights on an African safari or the untapped raw beauty of the Fiji islands.  Not only were we lucky to experience so many different cultures and visit amazing places…but the trip brought us even closer and that is priceless.

Favorite neighborhood: La Piazzetta Capri when all of the tourists leave for the evening and it’s just the locals. 

Dream holiday: Chartered yacht through the Greek Islands

If I could solve one problem, it would be: Figuring out how all children can have the same amazing school education no matter the family’s income level.

I wish people cared more about: Others in need around them.

Recent big aha!: I love nothing better than to be at home cooking for my family.  I realized how much it grounds me. 

The world would be a better place if: We all smiled and said “hi” to everyone we passed by throughout the day. 

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