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  • Jeremy Bergstein
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  • New York City
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Expertise: Chief Strategist at The Science Project
Interests: Being indoors and outdoors.
Background: Outdoor Guide, Public School Teacher, Artist, Digital Entrepreneur.

When did you first become involved with the HSFI?  About five years after I stopped working as a teacher in Biology and Environmental Science, I was running an internship program with my modeling agency clients and former students I had taught.  During that time I was invited to the HSFI spring fashion show by a good friend, Robert Dimauro. I was immediately amazed by the commitment from the students, teachers, and fantastic advisory board that made this event happen. You could just feel the talent, energy, and New York vibe exploding from the kids’ work and the school.  

What has been your most rewarding experience working with HSFI so far? Everything. It makes me miss teaching every time I step in the building and see the teachers and administrators that make it happen, not to mention the energy of the students.

Youth brings _________to the fashion industry. : Everything.

Recent purchase: A #3 Black Diamond Camalot for rock climbing, Seize sur Vingt shirts, and a De Soto wetsuit.

Book/film recommendation: The Monkeywrench Gang by Edward Abbey/Yo Gabba Gabba: Share.

I never leave home without my: Desire.

Restaurant recommendation: Blue Hill at Stone Barns in New York.

If I had $20, I’d… Have ice cream with my kids.

Transformative travel experience: Just back from multi-day ski-mountaineering and ice-climbing in San Juans Colorado!

Favorite neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights

Dream holiday: Hut-to-Hut in the Dolomites in Italy

If I could solve one problem, it would be: American Educational System!

I wish people cared more about: Littering.

Recent big aha!: Every day I spend with my family.

The world would be a better place if: We took care of the planet, duh.

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