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Kate Bellin is the owner of Kate Bellin Contemporary, an art consulting company in New York. Bellin has worked for renown art institutions, including Acquavella Galleries and Blain di Donna Gallery in New York City, as well as the Parrish Museum in Southampton, New York. She also contributed years of research to the Jasper Johns Catalogue Raisonne of Painting and Sculpture. She holds an M.A. in Modern Art, Connoisseurship and the History of the Art Market at Christie's New York and graduated cum laude from Princeton.


Meet Kate Bellin
Expertise: Art Consultant; Owner, Kate Bellin Contemporary
Location: New York, NY
Interests: Art and Artists, Lucky Bellin (1.5 years), Downton Abbey and Homeland, cats and cat videos, Texas, beautiful stationary
Background: Houston to Princeton to Christie's to Acquavella Galleries to Jasper Johns


Favorite meal: Short ribs from Café Boulud


Recent purchases: 3 beautiful Bob Kushner works on paper; 36 packs of Trident Peppermint gum (in bulk)


Hidden talent: Opening a diet coke silently so as not to wake a baby / Spanish speaker / Knowing the time without looking at a clock


Book/film recommendation: 'Lovelace' (written By Andy Bellin, premiering at Sundance 2013)


Restaurant recommendation (can be anywhere in the world): Goode Company BBQ, Houston, TX


If I had $20, I'd... take a taxi 20 blocks.


Transformative travel experience: Getting my dual citizenship and Italian passport


Favorite neighborhood (can be anywhere in the world): Besides my own, the Parque Retiro in Madrid, or Paris' 1st arrondissement


Dream holiday: Nanny + Hotel (any hotel will do) + Magnolia Cupcakes


If I could solve one problem, it would be: airline delays


I wish people cared more about: Thank you notes


Recent aha! moment: Uber


The world would be a better place if: People had better manners.

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