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Lawrence Lenihan is a founder and managing director of FirstMark Capital, focusing on seed and early-stage investments that provide technology-based solutions for industries such as retail, fashion, and finance.


Prior to founding FirstMark, Lenihan founded Pequot Ventures in 1996. He is a professor of Entrepreneurship at NYU Stern, and he serves on the NYC Economic Development Corporation's Fashion 2020 Advisory board. He is a chairman of the NYC Ventures Fellows Program and a judge for Ernst & Young's National Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Lenihan was named to the Silicon Alley Insider 2010 100 List and is an active speaker in the industry.


Meet Lawrence Lenihan
Expertise: Building great companies
Location: NYC
Interests:  Fashion, Wine, Organic Farming, Skiing
Background: Raised on the mean streets of Chappaqua, NY; worst engineer to graduate from Duke, entrepreneur created by IBM, capitalist forged in the fires of Wharton, founder of a venture capital firm that wants to change the world one industry at a time.


Favorite meal: Chinese food. Any kind, any place, any time.


Recent purchase: New stereo for my 1957 Bel Air Station Wagon so I can listen to my iTunes playlists.


Hidden talent: The best non-Asian Chinese chef you have met


Book: Unconventional Guide to Investing in Troubled Times by Charles Hugh Smith


Film:  Old School: Sullivan's Travels, the way the world should be; New School: Dark Knight Rises, unfortunately, a lot closer to the way the world is


Restaurant recommendation (can be anywhere in the world): Mathias Dahlgren in Stockholm


If I had $20, I'd... make sure I have a really great shoe shine


Transformative travel experience: Beginning the hike up Huayna Pichu at dawn


Favorite neighborhood (can be anywhere in the world):  so many...


Dream holiday: Driving from Aleutian Islands to Tierra Del Fuego in a Unimog camper (probably would need to be bulletproof!).


If I could solve one problem, it would be: Fix healthcare in a sensible and affordable way.


I wish people cared more about: The need to have more smart people from around the world come to live here, start businesses and create opportunities for everyone in this country.


Recent aha! moment: Seeing the treehouse on AHALife and realizing how much I missed my treehouse from when I was a kid ...


The world would be a better place if: we started to think about where we want to be as a society 20 years from now instead of where we want be tomorrow as an individual.

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