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Mary Schook is at the forefront of the intersection of beauty and well-being as a makeup artist, beauty consultant, stem cell researcher, and owner of Mary Schook, LLC.


Schook coined the term "beauty engineer" to describe a new generation of beauty experts who use scientific knowledge to solve practical problems. She has contributed to Rolling StoneThe FaceRadarVogue Spain, and Spanish Bazaar, and she has been featured in VogueNew York TimesNew York PostLucky, Fitness, and Jane. She has styled runway shows for Christian Dior, John Galliano, YSL, Gucci, and Versace, worked with celebrities including Natalia Vodianova and Trudie Styler, and collaborated with photographers such as Patrick Demarchelier and Michael Frost.


When Schook is not focusing on her practice, she works ceaselessly towards unraveling the mythology around beauty products and practices, the interwoven aspects of self-esteem, health, and aging. She believes every woman deserves to feel beautiful.


Meet Mary Schook
Expertise: NYS and CA licensed Esthetician and owner of Beauty By Mary Schook, LLC and M.S. APOTHECARY
Location:  New York City
Interests: Tackling and experiencing anything out of my safety zone, while living each day as if it was my last.


Favorite meal: Anything Organic, but give me a fresh grilled fish any day!


Recent purchase: Finally entering the 21st century with an iPad.


Background: Born and raised in Kentucky. Left at age 17 to pursue a career in fashion. Lived in Chicago, Milan, Paris, and now I call New York home.


Hidden talent: Quick reflexes, I was an ex-boxer/fighter. Mary 'the hook' Schook.


Restaurant recommendation: Eataly, NYC (fish of course)


If I had $20, I?d... give it to St. Francis of Assisi's food kitchen in NYC. They feed over 400 homeless people a day. Such an amazing, selfless group of people.


Transformative travel experience: Too many to count, but my first trip abroad to France as a teen stands out. Every American should be required to live out of the country for two years to give themselves a perspective outside of themselves!


Favorite neighborhood: Flatiron district. So much growth is happening here right now! New Restaurants and activities constantly happening in Madison Square Park thanks to Danny Meyer.


Dream holiday: I don't know what the word holiday means, but if I did going anywhere surrounded by all of the people I love in my life would be amazing.


If I could solve one problem, it would be: Curing people's fears. People can sometimes play it too safe and end up missing out on so much because of fear.


Recent aha! moment: The moment that something is difficult and you want to quit usually means that you're doing the right thing and are about to have a breakthrough!


The world would be a better place if: Everyone treated each other as well as they did after 9/11. It's sad that a tragedy had to be the catalyst in making the world a better place for a short moment. 

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